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Craft Enthusiast: Priyanka Gupta

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Another lovely Tuesday and we are back again with interesting story of a creative crafter to read, know and get inspired....our very last featured story for this month goes ahead with  ”Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Priyanka Gupta” , dwelling in Delhi, and a brand new mom we would say.. she found her inclination towards crafting by beginning to create her own maternity journal and further finds her little angel to be the source of inspiration to pursue her creative work....There’s lot more to know about her journey and her passion for crafting in her own words…as well as some of her amazing projects she had worked upon!

This is what Priyanka speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….
Hello everyone!
My name is Priyanka Gupta. I am a software engineer and an HR manager by education but never really pursue my career in either of those fields. I am a homemaker, a mother to a 19 months old son and now a passionate crafter . I live in Delhi but soon planning to move to Sydney. I got my artistic genes from my mother. She always motivate and inspire me to try new things and be creative in everything I do. My husband too is my support system and encourage me to do what I love the most- crafting.
Me and my family love to take photographs and arrange them in photo albums. That’s where it all started. Once in my leisure time I decided to arrange my wedding and vacation’s pictures into an Archies photo album. I made a few of them. That’s when I loved the outcome and decided to go on with it and make it from scratch but didn’t know where to start. Internet helped me learn the basics of it and I got the ideas to start.

How it’s all started? (My Crafting Journey!)
During my pregnancy I started making my maternity book and it turned out so beautiful that everyone who saw it encouraged me to do it professionally. My little angel brought out my creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed making every single bit of it. It’s my treasure of memories and the reactions to the book overwhelm me. Since then my passion for craft is on fire. After that I was more inclined towards making scrapbooks from scratch. I am a fairly new crafter with just about a year to experiment on. As my son keeps me busy I am not a full time crafter but hope to be in future.
What Inspired me?
I think the whole idea of clicking pictures is to re-live and cherish those memories anytime you want. So why not store them in style. That’s my whole idea of making scrapbooks. I am inspired by other fellow crafters and people in the art industry, their achievements and their crafting journeys. People’s appreciation and words of encouragement and the fact that my work of art bring smile to their faces is more than enough to go on. Crafting is no more just a hobby, it’s who I am now.

My Most Favourite Crafts of All?
The projects close to my heart are my maternity book(my first project), my first fully handmade album(from scratch, inspired by Shellie Geigle) and My son’s first year book.
My style of crafting?
I am a self taught crafter and love to try new things and techniques. My passion is scrapbooking but I have recently started on other craft forms like card making, mixed media and altered objects and would like to work on a few more techniques.
I love to make personalised things for people. It makes me happy.

My Future Plans?
I have always dreamed of crafting full time professionally. I plan to be a design-team member for various crafting brands, make tutorials for beginners and inspire others with my craft pieces. I plan to encourage other fellow crafters by building a community where they can learn new techniques, showcase their crafts and share them with others. I also plan to host challenges and make my own brand in crafting industry which offers almost everything to crafters.
Message for all Crafters!
Never give up and try and try until you are happy with the end result. Crafting is something that you should do with all your heart and not like something that you have to finish. With each project you make it will get better and you will learn something new. Always try what you want and it will make you happy.
Happiness is the key.

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  1. Congratulations Priyanka. Good to see you here and know your journey. Beautiful creations. All the best!!