About Us

Our Passion
Prika, a one stop destination for all your creative and artistic requirements! We are passionate about promoting arts and crafts and beautiful creations around us. We wish to offer a complete solution to your creativity so you never look back and we grow together to build a stronger community. Everything we do is focused on spreading the word that crafting makes people happier, healthier and more connected. We are on a mission to promote handmade creations, support women and create empowerment for them.
Who we are?
Prika-All About Crafts, a growing online craft community started back in 2016 by Priyanka Singh, Founder and Crafter herself began this with vision and mission to spread creativity and build a stronger Indian crafting community to all new learners to join and inspire from already pursuing the same. 
As the name suggest’s “All About Crafts” we are working on different spheres of crafting.
  • We are truly working on promoting creativity, crafting, and providing continuous flow of inspiration to all associated with us.
  • I myself love doing crafts and pursuing the same on full time and working with crafters helping them in doing there creative work.
  • We have been featuring lot of crafters work, their journey and their social media platforms on our own platform/ blog building a stronger crafting community.
  • We have been running a challenge blog where we throw craft challenges every month for crafters to share there creations and win lovely supplies from us. We have a lovely and super enthusiastic team of amazing crafters to create amazing inspirational projects for others to learn and try making on their own. 
  • We are not a hard core supplier, but believe in offering something we love ourself, created in our studio as well as curated craft supplies at best price possible from different brands. We take time to promote hard work to everyone around us…And very much looking forward to offer more and extend every day.
  • Plan regular workshop from our own studio and also allow crafters to take classes from our space and spread their creativity.
  • Some of our in-house products, which are completely handmade in our studio are Ready to use Scrapbooks, Shadow Boxes, Mini Flip Books, Card stock and Papers for crafting, Flowering Making Tools, Handmade Flowers etc. 
Why Join Us
Prika takes pride in building a stronger community who work together and grow together. We work hard for each other, and we work hard for you. We are a team of creative people we do our best and we trust each other. We feel good to help others and offer solving their problems with innovative and creative ideas.
Our Story
It all happen few years back, that I began with exploring my creativity and taking it to another level by starting a home studio in Gurgaon.
It’s always some small things in life that inspires joy, love and happiness and it took me years to understand that painting, creating magical quirky playful art and craft designs give meaning to my soul!!
Art & Craft are a way of life and living to me rather than a career.
For me, it’s a way of expressing my feelings, my feminine charm, and it’s my passion towards art & craft that brings zeal & excitement into my life.
Since my childhood, I had so much of excitement when it comes to arts and crafts but never understood that it is the love of paint which is giving the colourful touch to my Art and craft creation and thus giving me happiness and joy in my life.
As an engineering student, I had fewer opportunities to unleash my imagination, yet, I spent time for this and did paper craft, wall art and other art work. A switch to this path has given me a chance to pursue my passion.
My love for art and the desire to earn while doing what I love traced my crafter’s journey. It was while I was working in an MNC when I painted my first professional wall art for which I got paid from a colleague. Soon it became my favourite pastime to merge art into everything I own from tees, shoes, bags, mugs, jars to even my walls.
I then realised that I was happier doing this than working in front of a system. Thus, I quit my job and decided to start PRIKA
My passion is sharing crafts and I am constantly looking out for inspirations from the latest trends and fashion, that would, in turn, become a source of inspiration for my work.
Creative expression filled my life with meaning and joy and loved sharing that passion with others so much that I planned to do it on a larger scale. A continuous learning an observation lead me to plan a system to support other creative people around me and let not give up on their skills with handmade creations.
Thank you for trusting us!
Priyanka Singh
Founder & Crafter
Prika-All About Crafts

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