Friday, March 15, 2019

Altered Bottle using Decoupage Tutorial by Ashmita Roy

Hello Crafter's,
Today I bring you a quick tutorial for creating an altered bottle using decoupage technique. Hope it's going to be an amazing Friday Craft Inspiration for you all.

Let's quickly begin with steps of making:
Step.1: Take any glass bottle of your choice and take the top off and wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove the labels and dry completely.

Step.2: Using white gesso and a sponge paint 3 coats of the gesso, drying each coat completely between the next application.

paint using dabbing motion

Step.3: I left one of the sides void of paint to create a window .

using a sponge gives a nice textured finish!
Step.4: I am working with decoupage napkin. You need to cut out the images from the napkin.

after cutting out the images peel the back layers off from them.
Step.5: Using some water on a non porous surface you need to wet the images using a brush.

Step.6: Use mod Podge and add a thin layer on the bottle where you want to lay the image, next pick up the image along with the sheet and lay it over the area and dab with your fingers once the image is transferred go over it with a layer of mod podge.

cover the whole bottle in the same way.
Step.7: once you have al your images done you need to coat the bottle with 2 layers of mod podge , drying between each layer.
Step.8: I then used some string to cover the top part of the bottle to add extra detail and finished off with a filigree and a knob.

And this lovely piece of home decor is ready to flaunt!! Thank you for stopping by and reading my tutorial, do leave your lovely comment!
Ashmita Roy :)
Happy Crafting!!
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