Friday, March 8, 2019

Altered Jar Holder by Zinal Choksi

Hello my fellow crafters,
Zinal Choksi from “I creations” here. I created a lovely jar holder using mix-media which can be used on day to day basis and looks great on your centre table. I have described in detail the materials used and step by step process to make the jar holder.

List of Supplies Used:
➤ MDF base
➤ Black gesso
➤ Brick stencil
➤ Amazing casting resin
➤ Prima moulds
➤ Heavy body gel
➤ Mini Art Stones
➤ Rust Effect paste
➤ Waxes- Copper
➤ Vintage gold
➤ Lucky emerald
Steps of making Jar Holder:
Step.1: Cover base with ‘Heavy black gesso’ and keep aside for drying.
Step.2: Make resins using ‘amazing casting resin’ and moulds.
Step.3: Stick all the resins using ‘Heavy Body Gel’ and make a composition and keep aside for drying.
Step.4: Add some Mini Art Stone before it dries.
Step.5: when all things are settled and dried, apply heavy black gesso again.
Step.6: Once the gesso dries up, apply ‘Rust Effect Paste’ on the composition.
Step.7: Apply waxes on it.
Step.8: When everything is done, apply varnish to give final touch.

I hope you all have great time creating the jar holder. Let me know your experience and don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any queries.
Have a crafty day ahead!
Zinal Choksi,
I creations

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