Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mickey Mouse Themed Tags by Ranjitha Sathya

Hello Friends,
My self Ranjitha and today I am back again on Prika’s blog to share on your making for a themed party, So here is a mickey mouse themed personalized invitation cards. it was so much fun creating for such cute lovely kids, I wish some one has did the same when I was a kid.
Let’s see how I accomplised the making beginning with the supplies used:

#Black, Red and White Card Stock
#Craft Glue

Step.1: Cut down one circlular piece measuring 4inches in diameter. Then cut 2 circular pieces with 2 inches diameter.

Step.2: Now stick the two smaller pieces on their edges to the big circular piece. This forms the template for your mickey mouse face for remaining cards.

Step.3: Now trace this template on to black card stock as many times as the number of invitations you want and cut it out.

Step.4: Cut out a circular cardstock measuring 4 inches in diameter from red colour card stock. And then cut it into half. Paste it only along the edges onto the black piece. This forms the pocket to hold your invitation. I also enhanced the look further by sticking two pieces of white paper in the shape of oval to give the look of mickey buttons.

Step.5: I have created some personalized invites on my computer and printed them out to serve as the inserts.

This is how you can give your kids birthday an extra handmade touch with just little effort. I paired these invites with some theme d├ęcor and goodie bags completely handmade by myself.

I hope you the tutorial and will be an inspiration for you all…..
Thank you so much for dropping by.
Ranjitha Sathya :)
Happy Crafting!!
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