Monday, March 5, 2018

Holi Greetings by Rituparna Pal

Hello Everyone,
Here is my 1st entry for blog challenge on Prika’s February month and its very colorful challenge that is ‘Color Splash’ related to Holi Special.I am very overwhelmed to try creating some colorful creation. We just winded up with holi festival and so I have been making a layout of table top greeting card completely keeping the celebrations in mind.
Here is the materials which I utilised to create this…..

#papericious colorful spray mist,shaker beeds,Gloss gel and white sparkle
#itsybitsy color splash and burlap twin
#i-craft foam sheet
#crafterscorner zig markers
#kraftily konnect distress ink

Step.1: First take a black cardstock 12"/12",divided into 6" peices. After taking a white cardstock 5.5"/5.5" and did ditressing with aqueezed lemonade and worn lipstick, after torn allside to create shabby look.

Step.2: Take another white cardstock 5.3"/5.3" and cut the round circle middle of the cardstock.Another circle whose diameter is little larger has been cut and colored black.I draw Pichkari with colorful water drops, gujjiya, fire flames, peocock feather from leftover cardstock and color with zig markers and out line with black and golden marker.
Step.3: Middle piece of cutout circle distressed with aqueezed lemonade,draw wooden log pieces with coloring zig markers and attached with craft glue the fire flames which was already did before, after just sprinkles with papericious gloss gel and white sparkles.
Step.4: My 5.3" cardstock splashing with papericious tangerine tango splash,baby pink splash and itsybitsy ocean mist splash,did again and again until not getting proper effect of mix color splash.From different color foam sheet punch and get the flowers.

Step.5: On the black cardstock overlap the torn distressed white cardstock attached with craft glue.colorful cardstock attached with doubleside tape gets little height.after pichkari attached with glue on big black leftover circle and set on the empty portion of circle,after decorated fire flame distressing circle attached with double side tape middle of the empty portion of circle.Our colorful water droplets pichkari moving around the fire flame….Isn’t it cute and interesting?Now i am attached side of card peocock feather, yummi gujjiyas, foam flowers and some attached shaker beads.Top of the card write ‘Happy Holi’ with golden and black marker and attached burlap twin on every letters looking like its hanging.
Here is my ‘Happy Holi-Color splash’ layout standing greeting card, Hope you will like my work.
Happy Crafting!!
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