Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gift Box with Crackle Medium by Rashmi Panwar Rana

Hello Crafty Friends,
Myself Rashmi and today I am here with an interesting project for making an altered treasure box to gift someone with some surprise gifts or may be some chocolates and sweets.
One thing different about this box is that I have got the crackled effect on the box to look a little aged and something which is new these days.
Let’s begin to see how I got to finish this project and what all I needed to accomplish :)

Supplies Used:
#MDF Wood Box
#Crackle Medium by Little Birdie
#Chalk Paints by Little Birdie

Step.1: Apply itsybitsy chalk paint.
Step.2: Step two- apply thick layer of one step crackle medium. Dry the medium.Step.3: Step three- apply Thick layer of chalk paint.Step.4: For best results of crackle effect use Chalk paints.

I hope you liked this project, please do leave comments and clap for appreciation and feedback….
Thank you for stopping by and reading the tutorial.
Much Love
Rashmi Panwar Rana
Happy Crafting!!
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