Friday, January 5, 2018

Snowflakes for Winter Decor by Meera

Hi Craft Lover’s,
I am sharing with you a DIY of snowflakes that looks beautiful hanging in home decor to enjoy chilling winters.

Materials Required:
#Cardstock paper or any good quality thick paper
#Punch (My is a Martha Stewart punch. You get different shapes of snowflake punch)
# Thread to hang the ornament
#Glitter glue or glitter powder
Let’s Begin:
To make one snowflake, you require to punch out 7 double units of the snowflake.
Step:1. Punch out snowflakes unit (14 in total). Make sure that the cardstock quality is good. If the paper is thick, the snowflakes will look firm. I have used silver color.
Step:2. Glue two snowflakes together (Picture 2). Make sure they are glued properly. Apply glue little by little starting with each segment of the snowflake. This is a tedious task; with a little precision the snowflake will look neat.
Step:3. Once you have glued the units and you should have seven snowflakes units. Then you need to glue the units as shown in the picture below
Step:4. Once the units are glued and dried, fix a thread to the top unit of the snowflake. Ensure that the thread is glued properly and long enough to hang on your Christmas tree.
Step:5. Once the entire snowflake is done; apply glitter glue. (You can use glitter powder too. For this you need to apply glue on the snowflake and then dust it with glitter powder. Make sure it is evenly done). I have used glitter glue as it is easy. Leave the snowflake to dry. Then repeat on the reverse too. To get a good effect apply at least 2–3 coats of glitter glue.
Step:6. Once the snowflake is completely dry, you can hang it in your home decor to complete the look.
Make sure you use the same glitter glue as the color of your cardstock paper. In case you are using gold color cardstock or any other color, glitter glue should be of the same color. This is to ensure that once the glitter fades, it does not look out of place.
The DIY is similar to Martha Stewart’s DIY instruction. I am enclosing the link in case you want to have a look at it.
Happy Crafting!!
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