Tuesday, January 16, 2018

“Craft Enthusiast”- Ritika Vidyasaria

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Its another special day for another crafter as we take time to share there journey of being a crafter. Today we have….”Craft Enthusiast of the Week”…….”Ritika Vidyasaria”…from the city of joy…Kolkatta…who took time to share her story with us….who is a succesful company secretary….and still has a dream in heart to be more creative and own a art gallery someday soon.

This is what Ritika speaks about her journey as a crafter and everyday taking another step forward to make her dreams come true….
Hello Everyone,
My name is Ritika Vidyasaria. I am from Kolkata, City of Joy. Since my childhood days I had interest in art and craft activities. But as every parent want that their children to pursue higher studies for their bright career and future, so my parents think same as other parents did.
So in order to fulfil their dreams and my dreams I chose company secretary as my career and yes I am successful in this field. I have completed my course three years back and even I have good job too. But something is still to achieve and that is one of my dream and yes that dream is to become a good crafter and to have my own art gallery.
After achieving my career goals, I also focused on achieving my dream and that was to become a good crafter. I started taking art and craft classes like Mix Media, Sospeso, Decoupage, Quilling, Album making classes, flower making course and many more from many good crafters in Kolkata only. I have made many items by seeing you tubes videos.
Her Inspiration:
The craft works of other crafters inspired me and my dream to become a good crafter inspired me the most.
Her Most Favourite:
Among all the art and craft works my favourite is Mix media art because it is such an artwork that combines variety of media in a single artwork.
My love for mix media is most because I started my first art class from mix media classes.
Her Style of Crafting:
I have just started my craft works one year back. I have learned various things during this period but still many are left to explore. So I am using various techniques but mostly I love to use various spray paints, acrylic colours and all. I love to make handmade gift items like Photo frames, handmade cards, Albums, Gift Boxes and all.
Future Plans:
As my dream is to own an art gallery so I am working very hard for the same. So in the future if I will ever get an opportunity to have my own gallery, I will definitely grab this opportunity and fulfil my dreams.
Message for All:
My tip for other crafters is listen to your heart while you are into so much creativty because many people think that to become a crafter is not a good career option.
So don’t get effected from such people and work hard because they are not aware of your talent which is by god’s grace to create wonderful things…..
We hope Ritika’s story will be a great inspiration for you to not let your parents dreams get fulfilled but even your’s someday…and keep unleashing your creativty to best…
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