Monday, January 29, 2018

Guide to making cutest Valentine’s gift ever!!

Hello Craft Lover’s
Yes guys…..u all know…..Valentine’s Day is right around the corner off course you are already brainstorming for making something very special…..A lot of ideas are going in your mind to either make some love letters, handmade valentines cards or heartwarming home decors….so we are here to pass on a little bit of inspiration to you, including some tips and tricks to create your own cutest Valentine’s gift ever!!

# Layered Cards:

When creating your Valentine’s Day cards or explosion boxes, try using minimalistic and not over do the layers to getting confused yourself of what a mess you have done……You can follow a simple way to keep it light and fun filled by using your themed paper packs and embellishments to coordinate with the card… Add more layers to make it more fun and make so so filled with love that your bae falls in love with awwww……
# Let’s do some stamping:

Heart ❤️ ♥️ ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’— and Valentine’s go hand in hand….like you an him together….so no love card can be completed without your cute love messages and loads of hearts stamped on it…..choose your own outlook and quotes…stamp them on the cards and paint your own way to have fun filled love cards this valentine’s season..
#Go beyond Red and Pink:

Make your card stand out of all the old ways and techniques this year by using vibrant and unusual colours from red and pink, like Artisan (P.C. Pinterest) card above that is total eye candy! It’s easy to do and will give your Valentine’s Day crafting an unexpected twist. Just grab a different colour of paper or hue of ink and you’ll be on your way to a mini masterpiece that wows.
#Valentine’s Goodie Bags:

This can be an added twist to shake-up your desires and making it more romantic….creating some adorable gift bags and pouches with special decorations, you may also fill them with little chocolates, printed messages, and surprises! Do not hustle of you don’t have an idea of making a goodie bag or any die, you can quickly and easily embellish small pre-made goodie bags for quick, handmade Valentines!
#Special Valentine's Day Album:

This can be an very amazing option, if you are looking to create something memorable and can be kept forever, composing a mini-album in place of a card is a wonderful way to not only show you care, but to document your love and life in a creative way that will last for years to come! A mini album and a Valentine?One arrow two shots…:)
#Tiniest of All!!

It may sound a little stupid( in a good way) about making these tiny boxes or rolled messages but it can be very much unique and fun filled for your bae…If you don’t have a ton of time on your hands, creating tiny cards can save the bank and save time…..both together…Yeah I know I am smart enough….:p
#Flower Power that’s gonna be forever…

We all know that a bouquet of flowers is a go-to gift on February 14th. She how Michele Boyer had reinvented this classic token by making it on a Valentine’s Day card! Using kraft card stock, baker’s twine, and an arrangement of flower embellishments, her little bouquet is sure to surprise, delight, then last a lifetime!
No matter the kind of card you create this year, with a mix of supplies or even with any themed based kits…..Valentine’s Day is a special day that really comes down to us showing each other how much we care and gives us card makers and crafters another opportunity to create and give to our loved ones.
P.C:. Pinterest from various artist and crafters…Thanks to you all…:)
More Craft Guide to come, keep following Prika-All About Crafts.

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