Friday, January 26, 2018

Love Birds Mixed Media Fridge Magnet by Manasa Priya!

Hello Craft Lover’s ,
It’s that time of the year to remind your love that they would forever be your always :) Happy Valentine’s to you all !!
Today, I am on Prika’s blog with a quick and easy Mixed Media Fridge magnet to have that vintage themed decor this season
Wanna make this on your own? Let’s get into the tutorial :)

Step.1: Prepare the surface you want to use as a base, I picked up an mdf base with design die cut on both edges.
You will need : Gesso, Metallic Paint, knick knacks and beautiful junk, some Chippies of your choice, Silicon Glue and spray paints.
Step.2: Arrange the props you have on the base to form the desired layout. I have used a bubble wrap to create an interesting texture and some scraps of corrugated sheets on the edges.
Step.3: Once u have the desired layout, stick them in place . Let it dry before applying an even coat of Gesso all over the surface. Now, paint the whole base in the desired colour
Step.4: Colour the remaining elements, chillies and highlight the textured surfaces to give that layered and rich finish. Allow it to dry and varnish and you are all set.
Step.5: Once everything is dry, add magnets on the reverse side to transform it into a fridge magnet.
Wasn’t that easy? Do try it out yourself and let me know how u like it in the comments section below.
And, don’t forget to clap and show some love :)
Happy Crafting!!
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