Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Basic Simmer Crush Glitter Jhumkas by M V Pratyusha

Hello Craft Lover’s
Today I would like to share a project regarding “How To Make Basic Simmer Crush Glitter Jhumkas.” which are always in trend to add glam to your fashion and stand unique everytime….This is for all who love traditional accessories. so lets begin with few steps on making jhumkas…

Materials required:
#Quilling strips (3mm or 5mm depending on your choice)(5–7 strips to make a dome)
#Quilling mold
#Quilling tools
#Tooth picks
#Itsy Bity’s Simmer crush glitter (you could you any glitter powders you have)
#Itsy Bitsy’s decoupage gloss glue.
#Earring findings (as per your wish)
#Thermocol base
#Paint brush
Step.1: Roll togerther 7strips of 3mm quilling strips. Give it a dome shape using the quilling mold. Make sure the dome is smooth and doesn’t have ridges. Apply fevicol to the underside of the dome and let it dry.
Step.2: Once properly dried for 1 hour. Insert a toothpick to the underside of the dome so that you can hold it easily.
Step.3: Apply a coat of decoupage gloss glue and sprinkle a uniform layer of Summer crush glitter powder. Try to tap excess away as much as possible.
Step.4: Leave it to dry for 1 hour on the thermacoal base. Once dry use a paint brush and remove any loose particles of the glitter powder.
Step.5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times for a good coverage.
Step.6: Once satisfied with the coverage, apply a uniform coat of decoupage gloss glue and let dry. Once dry apply a coat of varnish.
Step.7: Lastly add your earring findings to complete the jhumka.
Hope it was a simple method to follow.

Happy Crafting!!
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