Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Corner Heart Shaped Bookmarks by Meera Maria

Hello All,
This is a quick origami project. Perfect to be gifted for booklovers on upcoming Valentine’s day.

Materials Required:
#Origami paper or wrapping paper (I’ve used wrapping paper).
#Cello tape
Let’s begin:
Step.1: The hear requires a rectangle shape of paper. I’ve done with two measurements 12cms*6cms. (This is the ideal size). I also tried out with 10cms *5cms (this bookmark also stays well at the corner)
Step.2: Fold the patterned side lengthwise and again width wise to mark the center and open again.

Step.3: Fold one side up to align the edge to the center. Repeat with the other side too.
Step.4: This step is optional; however, the bookmark sits well in place; open out the folded sides; insert a small piece of cello tape in the inside corner and fix the other side too

Step.5: Turn the paper over; fold the top downwards about 1/3 of the paper. Repeat on the other side.

Step.6: Fold the corners (at 4 ends) at both sides to form a heart shape.
Step.7: Flip the paper over. The pocket of the bookmark will fit the corner of the book.
Origami corner hearted shaped bookmark is ready. Make them for yourself and your friends too!
Happy Crafting!!
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