Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wooden Slice Layout by DT Jaishree Bansal

Hola crafty people,
This is DT member Jaishree this side. I was inspired by a fellow crafter to use my wooden slices lying around. I thought of creating a grungy vintage kinda layout on the wooden slices instead of regular cardstock.

List of Supplies used :
➤ Wooden slice 4” & 6”
➤ Natural Jute Cord
➤ Crackle Texture Paste — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Burnt Orange Sprinkle Mist — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Chest Nut Sprinkle Mist — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Persimmon Sprinkle Mist — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Military Brown chalk Paint — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Smokey Black Chalk Paint — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Sweet Pea Chalk Paint — IMMIX Expressions Craft
➤ Leafy Wreath Chipboard — Expressions Craft
➤ Beehive Chipboard — Expressions Craft
➤ Spring Flora Mocha- Vanilla Flowers — Expressions Craft
➤ Shabby Crinkle Lemon Twist Flowers — Expressions Craft
Daisy Yellow Flower — Expressions Craft

So, without further a due, let’s get started with the picture tutorial for this one!
Step:1.  Take two wooden slices of different sizes and adhere the smaller one on top creating a dimensional effect.

Step:2.  Using crackle texture paste and stencil of your choice, make a design on the edges of the lower slice and let it air dry for beautiful small cracks.

Step:3. Take 2 wooden sticks and paint them with dark coloured chalk paints.

Step:4 .  Once the crackle texture paste is dry, use spray paints or any other paints of your choice, again in dark wooden shades, to add colours on the lower wooden slice.

Step:5.  Since I didn’t have orange coloured flowers to go with my image, I picked yellow flowers and coloured them using burnt orange sprinkle mist.

Step:6.  I wrapped some jute cord on the wooden sticks, and adhered them on the lower slice along with some flowers on top of it and a leafy wreath chippie.

Step:7.  Next I adhered a frame made of clay cut in half and then placed my image on top of it and tucked in a small portion of beehive chippie. I also created a small nest with jute cord.

Step:8.  Lastly, I mixed some deco stones with sprinkle glitz and coloured them. I added that in random places to fill in the blanks mostly and added some deco stones in the nest as eggs. I also coloured the leaf chippie with green colour chalk paint.

Hope this project was inspiring for you all to break the rules and create with whatever you have. Do leave in your comments on how you liked the project and what more would you like to see me create and teach you all.
Until next time
Happy Crafting

Happy Crafting!!

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