Thursday, February 28, 2019

Craft Inspirator (March 2019- August 2019) : Jaishree Bansal

Hello Creative Crafter's
I Jaishree Bansal, 28 years old am a creative enthusiast. Here i am back again on Prika's blog for another session. I love all things art and craft. I am a self-taught crafter who believes in sharing the creativity with the world. I find inspiration in the smallest of places and try to bring it out in my projects.
I began my creative journey way back in 2010 but due to studies first and then a full-time job my crafting took a backseat. I started making albums, explosion boxes & likes on requests from friends and family members in 2014 and finally from October 2017 to present I have been working as a full-time crafter from Delhi, following my passion in full swing.
Since I love all things art and craft I don’t restrict myself to a particular genre. I love mixed media projects as they let my imagination run out of the box. Apart from this I enjoy working on CAS cards, Decoupage projects and my most favourite scrapbooks and albums.
I love working with miniatures and to create different scenes with them. Customising as per needs and making something new from old is one of my favourite hobby art idea.
Since the Art and Craft industry in India is growing at a fast speed I do not like to restrict myself and my art to one particular style.
To say the least, I love to teach what I learn from the great designers in the industry.
Some of my creations include:

You can find more of my works at below links:

Hope to see you all getting inspired from Jaishree's upcoming inspiration projects. 

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