Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Craft Enthusiast: Sonika Agarwal

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Let’s begin this month of love with some more amazing stories of awesome creative crafters around us… We bring you …”Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sonika Agarwal ” based from Vellore…and feels that crafting got infused to her from her grandmother who were always and inspiration for her to learn something creative… and now a lawyer turned crafter spread her creative work through her all variations of crafting….There’s lot more to know about her journey and her passion for crafting in her own words…as well as some of her amazing projects she had worked upon!

This is what Sonika speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….
Hello Everyone,
My name is Sonika Agarwal. I am from Vellore, Tamil Nadu and have a crafty venture named "Albela craft by Sonika". Since my childhood days I had interest in art and craft activities. Lawyer by profession, trying to get my hands with my love for crafting. I don't want to miss any chance to thank my family for being a source of support and inspiration to me.... and my 2 little angels...are an unimaginable support at this age of 10 years and 6 years engaging themselves with me. 
How it’s all started? (My Crafting Journey!)
I still have old memories of my grand mother doing all kinds of creative works like embroidery, knitting and sometimes painting...I can say thats where I began to learning all this...

What Inspired me?
Well, Inspiration comes when you are associated with the people who encourage your work. I would like to thank my close friends who are always behind my success as well as mention one particular name that is Uma Didwania. My family members always encourage and support me, which gives me confidence to reach next level. Prika is also a major source of inspiration.
My Most Favourite Crafts of All?
Well, It just difficult question to answer, but I like Alteration and Mixed Media. It is so satisfying to see once the project is completed. All your hard work is waved off when you see “Wow effect” on your project.

My style of crafting?
Well, there is no particular style for me, since I try to create different things
with different materials. I consider myself still in learning phase.
My Future Plans?
Well, I just wanted to spread more smiles with my crafty skill. It is so wonderful to gift someone your hand made gift, and say it’s made by me and the smile on their face is all the reward I want. In future would like to conduct workshop for the people who would love to learn. I would also like to increase my craft skills as much as I can.

Message for all Crafters!
A very simple tip to all fellow crafter is to always give try to a new thing. I recommend my fellow Crafters to get inspired from others and make it in your way or style . Don’t try to copy it just bring it in your own way and always make your project with love.
At last I want to say all people do whatever you love to do and always try to do something new. Enjoy Crafting!

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