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“Hoop of Light” Tutorial by Vaishali Khandwala

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Vaishali here on Prika’s blog as ‘Craft Enthusiast of the Week’ and here’s the Friday Inspiration project from my side.
I enjoy altering objects to create utility products and Embroidery Hoop is one such object that has immense possibilities to create. In the past, I have made a fabric clock using the hoop. Have a look ….

This time I have altered the embroidery hoop to make an interesting décor piece, that can be used as a wall light too!!!
And the best part…it needs minimal supplies:
# Embroidery hoop — 24 cm diameter around 9 inch. You can take the size you like.
# Circular, clear acrylic cut out. It’s diameter should be same as the inner ring of the embroidery hoop.
# Decoupage napkin.
# Decoupage glue and varnish.
# Chipboard shapes of your liking.
# Flowers for embellishment.
# Fiber paste of Itsy Bitsy.
# Chalk paint and gold acrylic colour to highlight.
# Silicon glue.
Excited to know how it’s made…here’s a step wise picture tutorial
Select the decoupage napkin of your choice. Any good German decoupage napkin is 3 ply…meaning it has one printed layer and two white layers. Separate the layers and use only the printed layer for decoupage.

The napkin will be decoupaged on the circular acrylic piece. Acrylic piece can be procured from any local acrylic shop.
I have used the Decomagic Decoupage Glue from Itsy Bitsy to adhere the napkin, using the reverse decoupage technique. As the acrylic piece is plain, you can assume any one side as front. Now on the back side, decoupage the napkin face down. Whenever you decoupage a bigger piece of napkin like here, work in parts, gradually moving from one end to other. Apply minimal glue, making sure you cover the surface. Too much glue may tear your napkin while adhering. Press gently, avoiding creases.

Cut the overhangs, using medium density sand paper- number 150. Sand paper is easily available in any local paint or hardware store. Sand paper gives fine cut edges. Now apply a top coat of decoupage glue over the adhered napkin. This is done to seal the paper, making it water resistant and archival..meaning it does not yellow with times.
This is how it looks from front. You can add a backing of white, if the print is too light.

Now it’s the time to work on the hoop. I have applied fiber paste on the outer ring of the hoop, to add some texture.

Once the paste dries, highlight the fibers by rubbing gold acrylic paint with hand. As you see, I have left the inner ring of hoop natural, the way it is. The inner ring is not going to be seen. Fit the rings into each other and the hoop is ready for the next step.

Adhere the decoupage acrylic piece on the hoop matching it with the inner ring. The diameter of acrylic piece and inner hoop ring are same. I have used silicon glue from Itsy Bitsy for this as it’s an easy to use strong glue and sticks all types of materials with ease.

It’s time to embellish now….fun time !!! However remember the composition and colours chosen play a huge role in the look of your project. I have primarily used some chipboard shapes and flowers to embellish and adhered everything using silicon glue on the front side of acrylic.

The chipboard shapes were pre primed, so directly coloured them with chalk paint- tattered lace, using a sponge.

Finally dry brushed everything with gold acrylic paint to create oneness. Have covered the top metal part of hoop with a piece of lace and a burlap butterfly. Varnish the entire project with water based décor varnish from Itsy Bitsy. Here’s the final look.

Craft is a form of expression…the mushrooms in the project say-Sprout new ideas and Be grounded. Observing them is like drawing attention towards the little things in everyday life….Little things, that can bring great joy !!!

This decoupaged décor piece can be used as wall light as well. You can use a strip light and attach it to the hoop ring, from the back side. The light effect is very interesting.
Close ups:

You can select the napkin colour and design to match your décor. Hope you liked the hoop of light, that is sure to enhance the wall space.
It’s great to be sharing this project with you all on the Prika blog.
Happy Crafting
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali Khandwala
Happy Crafting!!
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