Thursday, February 28, 2019

Craft Inspirator (March 2019- August 2019) : Kavya NK

Hello Friends, 
I am Kavya N, a 20-year-old crafter currently double majoring in BSc Computer Science and BSc Data Science with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in USA. I also call Dubai and India home (a proud third culture kid)! 

I am not new to the crafting world as I discovered card making, quilling and punch craft in Grade 8 when I met few crafters at a local art fair. Once I started high school, crafting took a back seat as I had to concentrate on my studies. After starting college, I felt a void and I needed something that would excite me and let me relax! I took to lettering a year ago as it was simple and requires minimal supplies. I still use Crayola super tips instead of Tombows and other brush pens available in the market.
When I got better at lettering, I started creating cards as I felt it was a better way to use those sentiments and quotes lying around. That’s how I got back into card-making just two months ago! I try to craft with minimal supplies and find alternative tools that don’t break my wallet. The best thing about being a college student in a tiny dorm is that you learn to innovate!
Some of my creations include:

You can find more of my works at below links:
Hope to see you all getting inspired from Kavya's upcoming inspiration projects.

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