Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Victorian Days" Mini Scrapbook/ Picture Album by Prika

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I am back with another creation of mine which to be very honest is my first ever shabby chic vintage themed mini album layout...i just loved doing lot of rough and distressed edges to give it a little junky look.. another amazing part was to add torn pieces from an old book for which I picked one from my collections!!  Let's get into to get more details about it.....

To create this Mini Album I have used one 6* 6 raw album from my studio in Kraft colour...along with "Wild and Free" paper pack from Prime Marketing...
On the cover page, added a complete lacy look on the spine some resin molds on corner and sides with lovely vintage flowers from Little Birdie Crafts, white and pink one is done on my own and Twine from Dress my Craft. 

Here's some more closed look of the cover and spine:

Before we go any further I must warn you that its a huge post with pictures of all  12 pages along with cover sides which are all uniquely designed with lot of laces, flowers, pockets, tags etc.... so there is going to be lot of inside pictures. 

Page 1 and 2: Both pocket pages at different angels with photo mats to hold pictures. 

Page 3 and 4:  Flip over page from right with gold lace tie and place to hold picture on both sides..other page flips open to top to hold picture on both sides..

Page 5 and 6: Another pocket page but this holds a two way photomat with some lovely decor on top to hold pictures...and then off course some waterfall pages to add more pictures...

Page 7 and 8: Again a picture holder from left with some decor and photomat to hold of my fav pages out of this project is this vintage frame and floral layout on top and it flips left to open and add some pictures...

Page 9 and 10: Flip over page from left with gold lace tie and place to hold picture on both sides...and look at those tags...just smoothly place all your pictures behind... it has been designed using tag punch from Dress my Craft.

Page 11 and 12: This photomat layout flips to right to add pictures inside... and other page with a vellum pocket to hold photomat, vellum is from our studio with 180 GSM superb quality.. to add to scrapbooks and cards...

Page 13 and 14: Finally the second last page with a cute little envelop pocket to hold some more photos and notes u want to keep inside... and it ends with last pocket page on back cover to hold more...

Each pocket page further holds a photomat to add pictures and notes about the same... the butterfly stamp, lace chipzebs are from Mudra Stamps and I just love them...

A quick review of the complete album is also uploaded on our Youtube now:

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my very first vintage album... I hope to see you all inspired. Thank you so much for visiting and do enjoy rest of your day!!
Much Love 
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