Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy girls are the prettiest! : Picture Frame by Nidhi Modi Sethia

Hello Everyone,
Here is a step-by-step DIY innovative beautiful photo frame I recently crafted for my daughters saying " Happy girls are the prettiest! "
Materials Required
➤ 12*12 iris paper ( 270 gsm is a good choice )
➤ Dye ( 1 for the corner, 1 for the frame )
➤ Flower Dye ( I have used ‘heartfelt creations wildwood floral’ for the roses and fillers)
➤ Leaf dye
➤ Some wood roundels
➤ Stamps ( letters background stamps)
➤ Small stamps for wood roundels
➤ Coordinating flower stamp
➤ The main quotation/banner stamp (Happy girls are the prettiest)
➤ Butterfly stamp
➤ 12mm pointed Styrofoam
➤ Small red pollen
➤ Sequins
➤ Stencil for background
➤ Shades of yellow, brown and red in archival as well as distress inks
How To Make The Photo Frame
For the frame:
· Firstly, cut out all the shapes, 10 pieces for the frame. 5 pieces for the corner.
· Layer them neatly one on top of the other to make 2 frames and 1 corner. Ensure they are stuck together properly.
· Apply a very thin layer of gesso to cover all three and let them dry.
· Colour the frames using butterscotch archival ink.
· Colour the corner using sienna and black.
· Make the flowers using stamp and dye ( the moulds can be used too now)
For the background:
· Take the sheet and colour it using smooshing
· With the stencil colour one corner using a darker shade.
· Now, using the same colour, stamp the letter stamp all over.
· While the ink of the letters is still wet emboss it to add a little shine.
· Spray on the background to give an even finishing.
· Using the stencil make leaves on the corners.
· Stamp on the wooden roundels and stamp the banner stamp
· Stamp the butterfly and use ___.
· Darken the corners to give depth
· Lastly, assemble everything together as shown.

Your dazzling DIY photo frame is ready to use. This makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It can also beautify your home with photos of you and your loved ones. Enjoy your new achievement ;)
Hope you all enjoyed making this picture frame share your creations with us and in case of any queries about it...just leave your message below...
Nidhi Modi Sethia

Happy Crafting!!

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