Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan + Explosion Box Inspiration

Hello Craftpreneur's,

Let's get started to talk about another amazing crafter around us..today we have with us... "Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Priyadarshini Ramakrishna" currently living & working in Mumbai always finds time to create something handmade as her passion... From dancing to crafting, she just found her way to being creative and enjoy making beautiful handcrafted goodies....Let's quickly dig in to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Priyadarshini speaks about her journey, some of her favourite projects done in past...and about her creative journey so far...

I am Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan from Chennai and residing in Mumbai. I am a geneticist and a crafter. It all started with my maternal aunt and mom. I have seen my aunt work of pencil sketches and painting from a young age but I was never inclined towards art and craft. My only interest was dance (Bharatanatyam which I started at the age of 3). 

One summer, my mom made me attend a summer camp where I learnt about art and craft more and that’s when I started crafting. In my free time, I used to practice pencil sketches. My mom too started learning crafting with me like pot painting, oil painting, etc

How it’s all started? (My crafting Journey)

I started crafting in school and used to recycle old greeting cards and turn them into new ones and send them to my relatives and friends. I took a break from crafting while I was in college to concentrate on my studies. After which I started making envelopes and cards. Once while I was hunting for paints, the shop keeper introduced me to quilling. I was quilling for about a couple of years and while searching for more ideas, I came across stamping and die cutting. That’s when I started becoming a serious crafter and haven’t stopped at all. 

What Inspired me?

My inspirations are from Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. I always love to experiment and try new things which has helped me grow as a crafter. After attending a couple of workshops, I got interested in mixed media and scrapbooking which I am still working on.

My Most favourite crafts of all?

Card making (shabby chic, CAS) and mixed media. 

My style of crafting?

I want to learn flower making (paper) and work more on scrapbooking.

My Future Plans?

Enjoy and love what you make. Never let a negative comment destroy your motivation. Crafting is happiness.

Message for all Craft Buddies!!

Enjoy and love what you make. Never let a negative comment destroy your motivation. Crafting is happiness.


A quick Inspiration : “Explosion Box"

I have made an explosion box today and also have a video tutorial for the same. I love making these boxes which have an element of surprise kept in them and is always perfect for gifting loved ones. To make this box, I used white card cardstock and Magnolia pattern paper with coordinating motif sheet from Dress my craft. I made a three-layer explosion box but they can also be single layered or with more layers. 

I added some handmade flowers and embellishments on the lid and also on the inside of the box. Since the motif sheet has a lot of elements, I fuzzy cut them out and used them in my project. I have some pockets in the outer most layer to add some photos or personal messages. 

I hope you all enjoyed the video and do follow my work on social media. 

You can reach out to “Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan" and her crafty venture " Simple Art Craft"  on below social media platforms:

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