Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Charu Jain + Watercolour Bookmark Tutorial

Hello Craftpreneur's,

You all seem to be enjoying the Ganesh Visarjan past week, let's bring the enthusiast in you with another amazing crafter ..."Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Charu Jain"....an ultimate self taught watercolour artist sharing her fantastic journey of crafting with us and she is head to toe in love with her what she does...and looks forward to create her own style of crafting techniques....Let's quickly dig in to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Charu speaks about her journey, some of her favourite projects done in past...and about her creative journey so far...

Hi, I am Charu a self taught artist. I was a curious and passionate art lover since my childhood but I took it seriously when I was expecting my second child and it has been 9 years since I m practising my art and craft passionately.I have done a story book for kids names Ten ZaNy birds . I love to illustrate , craft , draw and my first love is watercolour. I participated in annual art fair Chitrasanthey which happens in Bengaluru every year. I was also selected as a design team member for Itsy Bitsy twice.

How it’s all started? (My crafting Journey)

My first step to crafting was when I was selected as a Design team member for Itsy Bitsy. I loved creating mix media pages, art journals, decoupaged .

What Inspired Me?

My inspiration is nature . I am pretty much inspired by nature and it’s beauty. I love to imitate nature in my painting and craft.

My most favourite crafts of all? 

I love all my projects they are like my babies, My favourite so far is the book Ten zany birds for kids.

My style of crafting?
My style is quiet vivid. I love to experiment and explore different techniques.

My Future Plans?

My future plans are to launch accessories and stationery objects in my paintings and craft.

Message for all Craft Buddies?

I suggest to do lot of experiments don’t fall for finished projects because then you won’t be able to explore what you want. Art is huge so enjoy this process of learning and have fun, don’t give up.


A quick Inspiration : “Watercolour Bookmark" 

Hello friends,

Let’s create an easy watercolour galaxy bookmark today!!

I am using watercolour paper from Itsy Bitsy , pan set from Itsy Bitsy , no. 9 flat brush, some salt . I am sticking the paper with masking tape to abound buckling of paper after applying water u can skip this step if u wish.

 Next step is to apply clean water and then I am using only three colours for creating galaxy. This technique is known as wet on wet. Let the colour mix on its own and wait,  the paper is still wet I added some salt to it.

The salt creates lovely texture on the paper. Let the paper dry completely and using permanent black marker I created some trees and splattered some stars with white poster colour. 

You can use acrylic too and voila your watercolour galaxy bookmark is ready. 

You can reach out to “Charu Jain" & her creative venture " Watercolour by Charu" on below social media platform: 

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