Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Prika-Craft Inspirator's Call : Sept/2019-Feb/2020

Hello Crafty People,

We feel amazing as well as very excited to come before you with Craft Inspirator's Call for another term....this has been only possible because of you all love and support!!

We welcome all crafter's who feel that they can contribute to our crafting community by making some inspiring projects /tutorials for our every month blog challenge. Since we believe in truly exploring once creativity, this may be the right platform for you to explore and experiment with your creative skills. 

Just looking for enthusiast crafters in different domains who just loves to craft and inspire others. 

Somethings we are looking into you: 

➤ Really committed, creative and enthusiastic to crafting some amazing inspirations/ tutorials.

➤ Will be joining in hands for 6 months tenure i.e. September-2019 to February-2020. Can be extended as per choice.

➤ Indulge in creating minimum of 2 inspirations for our monthly blog challenges and themes... more are most welcome ( One video tutorial)

➤ Some nice photography skills, video making will be an add-on benefit. 

➤ Encourage and promote all the entries on the blog as well as our blog challenges and promotions via social media, help us reach more creative people around us.

➤ Complete the required projects before deadlines, a little prompt on revert and updates. 

➤ Prior notice (a month) just incase you wish to leave so that we get enough time to get another member join us. 

Somethings we have got for you: 

➤ A Craft Inspirator/Expert Member batch to flaunt on your blog. 

➤ We will work hand in and to grow together and promote your work as well as blog/social media.

➤ Your awesome picture and details about your work and achievements on our blog.

➤ Welcome kit with curated products in our studio or sponsored products  to design. 

➤ Added benefits to plan workshops at our creative space and much more.

➤ Highly motivating and inspired team to work with and grow together. 

➤ You are open to join other brands as DT, we don't mind you working on inspiring others.

Somethings you need to do to enrol yourself:

➤ Email us about yourself and some of your work details at

➤ Subject Line: Prika Craft Inspirator's Call-2019- "Your Name"

➤ Name and City/Country

➤ Share your Blog and Social Media handles Link.

➤ Some of your best Projects. (2-3) 

➤ Some details about yourself, crafting journey...teams worked with and any specialised crafting like card making, scrapbooking, mixed media, Flower making etc.

Quickly enrol yourself to be the part of our team...last date to apply is 15th August 2019. 

In case of any queries feel free to connect in below comments, via email  or any of our social media pages.

Looking forward for your lovely entries soon.

Much Love

Prika !!

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  1. Hello
    This is Subhalaxmi, from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.I want to join.Also I want to join your community.