Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sujata Bhandwalkar

Hello Craftpreneurs,

Another lovely Tuesday morning, whats best then catching up a cup of tea, welcoming the monsoons and reading about the crafting journey of another crafter around us....here have .... " Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sujata Bhandwalkar " .... dwelling in Pune, switched to crafting post earning an engineering degree, believing to follow her interest into creating beautiful things.... .....Let's get to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Sujata speaks about her journey, some of her favourite works done in past...and about her creative space...


I am Sujata from Pune. I am an IT Engineer graduate by Qualification and a Mom of 5 years old boy. But now,  I am a full time House-wife and part time digital marketer and a passionate Crafter.

Frankly speaking, I was never into exactly crafting. I used to create drawings, paintings in my school and college days, but was not having idea that, I also have a creative soul inside me. I love to learn on my own. My interest in arts and crafts always motivated me to do something creative. Now, I have completed one year of my craft journey and I think this is my way to live life with full of happiness.

How it’s all started? (My Crafting Journey!)

I am a very arty-crafty person from childhood so I used to do drawings, paintings, but had no idea about the beauty of craft and variations of  it. After marriage during my spare time, I used to watch craft videos on YouTube and thus started involving deeply in it. In 2016, firstly, I tried my hands on Scrapbooking and made scrapbook for my hubby’s birthday. I got overwhelming response from my family and friends but I was not able to continue it for a year. But from last year, I am managing my crafty venture “Sujataz Kraft”.

What Inspired me?

In my life there are many sources of inspiration for crafting as like YouTube and other social media platforms, craft supplies. Every single like and comment on my work posted on social media, motivation from my family members, friends, and great artists/ crafters from across the world are also my source of inspiration.

My Most Favourite Crafts of All?

Well, it’s hard to choose the favourite one, because each and every creation is done with the same hard work and love. Each has its own beauty and uniqueness. But these are some of my all time favourite creations.

My style of crafting?

I don’t have any particular style of crafting every time I works with different set of supplies and attempting to make something different and better each time. I started with scrapbooking but now, I am enjoying all forms of crafting like card making, decoupage and mix media.

My Future Plans?

“Sujataz Kraft” has a long way to go. I think it is best to go with the flow but I wish to inspire and teach more creative souls across the world. Other than that, I plan on learning and discovering more and creating more.

Message for all Craft Buddies!

Keep creating with free mind and soul. Don't be afraid of creating new things. Make mistakes and learn from it. Don’t compare yourself with others. Believe in yourself and enjoy the happy ride.


A quick inspiration : " Art-Home Decor Table Top"

Elbert Hubbard says- Art is not a thing, it is a way. 

Yes, ART is the best way to express your feelings.Today I am going to share with you all a step by step pictorial of a mixed media home decor tabletop which represents the beauty of ART. 

Let's get started…..

Step.1:  Take 9x7 inches cardboard piece. Cut it in the colour palette shape with the help of paper cutter. Then I have created a texture of small flowers with the help of textured paste and stencil. After dried completely apply a coat of black gesso and let it  dry completely. 

Step.2:  After get dried apply metallic paints on palette. Here I am using dry brushing technique and trying to get some antique look. 

Step.3:  According to the theme I have cut some shapes like scissors, colour tubes, paint brush and colour splashes of white cardstock. You can also use die cuts if available with you, and  coloured these shapes using Dye ink pads and blending tool. 

Step 4:  I create some foam and paper flowers for decorating palette. Also I have used some chipboards, deco stones, coconut fibre, cheese cloth, glitter to embellish my creation.

Step.5 :  Create stand which holds the palette by using cardboard.  You can also use chipboards. I have used 12x23.5 inches two cardboard pieces and covered the edges of cardboard with black cardstock strips. 

Step.6: Attach two pieces of cardboard from one side and make triangular shape so that it can easily stand on table. Decorate it  with pattern paper and metal corner embellishments. Here I have used some sprinkle mist and textured paste for adding more beauty in the background. 

And some closed look.....

You can reach out to “Sujata Bhandwalkar” & “Sujataz Kraft” on below social media platforms: 


  1. This is what I am waiting for a long time... I got a platform to showcase my craft journey because of you....thank you so much for feature.. 🙂🙂

  2. Congratulation 💐💐💐

    Really after reading this blog i feel you will be become best of the best Crafter. Wish you all the best for further creative journey

  3. Wow! Awesome projects! The summer days MM is just gorgeous! <3
    Congratulations on being featured! :)