Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sobana Menta

Hello Craftpreneurs,

Tuesday's have surely become a day to celebrate and talk about such amazing creative crafter's around us...we have another lovely crafter with us today on our blog ...... " Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sobana Menta "... finding her way to crafting from her passion of dancing, her first love with decoupage has always made her hands to keep trying out something new and experimenting her creative side... Let's get to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Sobana speaks about her journey, some of her favourite works done in past...and about her creative space...

Two years back if someone would’ve asked me my hobbies or passion it was Dance! Crafting was never my cup of tea back then. It was a very normal day when I came across a decoupage video on FB shared by my friend and guess what, I fell in love with it.

How it’s all started? (My crafting Journey)

After I saw the first video, I couldn't stop myself and you tubed night/day and found the technique highly attractive and relaxing. I gathered my courage and went to the nearby craft shop and bought the basic decoupage supplies. Then it all began…!

What inspired me?

Every crafter across the world is a source of inspiration always to me.

My most favourite crafts of all?

Every project I do has my heart and soul in it , however some projects are very close to heart .One such was a mixed media passport cover , being new to mixed media back then a friend had send a pic from pinterest telling she wanted a similar one for her hubby and I took up the challenge but had also told her that I would give my best and gods grace it was a huge hit and received various orders in the similar nature. Then would be my house deco series which is another recent passion of mine.

My style of crafting?

Decoupage is my forte, but I love exploring mixed media

My future plans?

have slowly started exploring acrylic/resin pour techniques and want to deal with alcohol inks

Message for all craft Buddies?

As a crafter anything and everything I see around inspires me to craft and above all I personally feel that anything that is enjoyed and done whole heartedly will have life in it…


A quick Inspiration : “ Shadow Box Frames "

Few days back I received my winning gifts from PRIKA and one gift among many others was a shadow box kit. I hadn’t worked on a shadow box kit before and immediately wanted to try it. My little one is going to be a year in few months, so I thought why not treasure her beginning adorable stages in the memory box kit.

The kit was a combination of 3 boxes hence I wanted to portray her growth phase accordingly in them. So, I started with the smallest shadow box and painted it peachish pink to portray the birth of a baby girl. 

Next, took a doily, cut it into half and placed it as a pram, then took some cotton made it look like a bedding for the pram and placed her birth pic on it. Then took a cheese cloth, painted it golden and placed it as a cover for the pram. Decorated the remaining space with her initials and xxxx.

So, the next one, I wanted to give nice happy pastel shades as this portrays her 3,4,5,6 months where she turned, smiled and started recognising us! I gave a combination of orange, yellow for the base. 

The element sheets from PRIKA that I had received as a gift were very useful here – Fussy cut, a few butterflies and flowers. Placed a cute stamp in the centre and decorated the remaining space with pictures, embellishments, Fussy cut elements and her name.

The last one was to portray her next few months where she started fighting with her brother. Gave it a Fox wood effect with shades of blue and linen colour. Stamped it here and there, placed decorative embellishments, pictures and few more fussy cuts elements. 

Hope you enjoy my today's inspiration projects, and knowing about my creative journey as well.

Sobana <3

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