Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hearts..Handmade Card by Meera Maria

Hi Craft Lover’s.
I am sharing with you an easy DIY card. This card could be given to a loved one on any occasion either birthday or the upcoming ‘Valentines’
Supplies Required:
#Cardstock paper for the greeting card
#scrapbook paper or any handmade paper to make the hearts
#Glitter glue
#Double sided glue tape or glue stick
#satin ribbon to make a bow
Step:1.Take the desired size of cardstock paper and fold in half.
Step:2.To prepare the hearts, cut 6- 7 identical hearts (You can draw the hearts free hand or use a heart template)

Step:3. Place the hearts close together and when they are in place; glue them with glue stick or use double sided glue tape. (I have used double sided glue tape as I wanted a 3 D effect)

Step:4. Brush the hearts with a dab of glitter glue.
Step:5. Fix the burlap as shown in the picture.

Step:6. Finally add a bow to complete the project.

# For the hearts I have used water color paper pad. This paper is medium weight and since I had lovely colors I made use of this paper.
# Since my greeting card is brown in color; I have pasted white construction paper to write my message.
Thank you and hope you like the project.
Happy Crafting!!
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