Tuesday, February 27, 2018

“Craft Enthusiast”-Mukta Parvatikar Maniar

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Today we are here back again with last featured crafter of the month february and we hope it has been a fun time creating love themed craft porjects and spreading lots of love.so we do have another crafter spreading loads of love from her crafting skills……“Craft Enthusiast of the Week…..Mukta Parvatikar Maniar” who is a true mumbaikar and has been always inclined towards crafts since childhood…..she has been a find student of her arts teacher and so this inspiration got her to persue crafting 24 by 7. We must say she is very enthusiastic about her work and very much active in participating in different craft events to motivate and inspire others.

This is what Mukta speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….
Hello Friends,
My name is Mukta Parvatikar- Maniar and I am an engineer my qualification and profession. I am a true Mumbaikar (Born and brought up, married and settled in Mumbai) and now live with my husband and in-laws. Even as a child, I was intrigued with crafts and got really good grades….I was my Craft teacher’s pet. I learnt how to fold, crease and glue with precision from her. I owe a lot to her…..She taught me to make boxes, origamis, flowers and other serious projects…I still have my old school craft books.
I took up craft as a serious profession after I got married and not at all happy with my job. I have been crafting on the name 
VREnchanted since 2014 and soon started blogging. My husband and my mother-in-law (Maa) are the people who got me blogging and putting my work on social media. I haven’t looked back since then…

Her Inspiration:
I draw my inspiration from everything…old architecture, nature, food, weather, colors…I believe inspiration is everywhere….wejust need to see it.
Her Most Favourites:
My most favourite of all has to be making gift boxes. I simply enjoy to decorate gift boxes and gifting in style. Apart from this,I enjoy upcycling and making scrapbooks as well.

Her Style of Crafting:
Well, my style of crafting actually varies according to my mood. I go all the way from clean and simple to shabby chic to grungy. As a crafter, I like to keep experimenting and innovating my work and techniques and it helps me to not get bored atall. However, my fav style of crafting is Shabby chic. I love that its ok not to be in lines and be symmetrical always.
Future Plans:
I really do not know what the future holds for me but I sure would want to see myself crafting in even my distant future…maybe even have a tiny store….

Message for All:
Being an amateur myself, I am in no positing to give out any advice…..but yes I would encourage to follow your own style and keep improvising it rather than copying others work. I would want everyone to use what they have rather than buying new stuff and hoarding it. And the last piece of advice is……create fearlessly….follow your instinct, make mistakes and learn from them.
We hope you really liked the projects done by Mukta and it would surely be an ispiration for you all to create something in your own style keeping it unique and not copying it as it is..
You can reach out to Mukta Parvatikar- Maniar and “ Enchanted” on below social media links:
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