Friday, February 2, 2018

Altered Mixed Media Paintbrush by Rashmi Pawar Rana!

Hello Craft Lover’s
I am very fond of making mixed media projects and here I am sharing on of my projects in making with you all. Done by altering a paint brush and adding chipboards embellishments gives it a new dimension and a very unique way of adding art to your place.
Let’s begin by collecting all the supplies used to make it:

Materials Used:
#Pearl metallic colours by Little Birdie
#Dream catcher chipboard
#Metal Charms
#Silicon Glue
#Chippies by Papericious
Step.1: Cover the paint brush with gesso to highlight the colors to be added after.
Step.2: As soon as the gesso is dried up, begin to add all the chipboards and elements on the paint brush using silicon glue as shown in below picture.
Step.3: Now since all the elements are added you can go ahead to again paint the whole thing with metallic paints to add texture and colour. I have used Mint and Azure Sky colour, you can prefer choosing any other colour you like.
Step.4: When every thing is placed and dried up, you can prefer adding crystal clear to highlight the elements on the brush.

Step:5: Your Mixed Media Altered Paint Brush is ready to flaunt……:)
I hope you liked this project, please do leave comments and clap for appreciation and feedback….
Thank you for stopping by and reading the tutorial.
Much Love
Rashmi Panwar Rana
Happy Crafting!!
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