Friday, February 9, 2018

Altered Hoop by Neena Kumrawat

Hello Craft Lover’s,
Today I am here on Prika’s blog sharing an tutorial for turning a simple wooden embroidery hoop into an cute home decor piece.

Materials Used:
#Embroidery Hoop
#Jute Threads
#Floral Paper Pattern
#Metallic Colour Pink and Gold
#Mulberry Flowers
#Pom Pom
# Embellishments
#Chipboard Butterfly
Steps for Making:
Step:1. I took one medium sized embroidery hoop , took out the inner hoop and rolled a thick jute thread 3–4 rounds placing centrally . Then fixed it back in place

Step:2. I covered the entire hoop and thread with Gesso followed by metallic pink colour . Then I cut a circular floral pattern paper and pasted it on back side .

Step:3. I took few mulberry flowers , Pom Pom , coloured resin embellishments , pollens , dream chipboard butterfly , micro prills and stuck them .
Step:4. I again dry brushed the resin with metallic gold .. and ta daa. .. it’s ready
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Happy Crafting!!
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