Tuesday, December 12, 2017

“Craft Enthusiast”- Sharada Dilip Acharya

We are back with a bang with one of our very special and very talanted crafter on board “Craft Enthusiast of the Week….Sharada Dilip Acharya”….. she calls herself “Meet the Maker” as she is a creator of wonderful craft projects, the only thing she knew and ever wanted to do, being her own boss. Being in the crafter’s league for so long, she is an proud face behind “HappyMomentzz by Sharada Dilip” and loves to work from her home studio based in Bangalore. Let’s have a sneak peak to her journey of being a crafter and few of her amazing works.

This is what Sharada speaks about her journey as a crafter and story behind her love for everything she does……
I am Sharada Dilip Acharya , the craft-preneur at HappyMomentzz an MBA Finance graduate turned into Crafter , Blogger, Traveller, Photographer and a full time hands on Mother to my 7 year Old son. HappyMomentzz came together as a opportunity to fulfill my creative instinct for someone who enjoy’s making handmade things ! I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur . When I conceived my son in 2009, there were so many happy moments during pregnancy I wanted to treasure. I started scrapbooking to organize our photos, but it turned into a passion when I was asked to create some scrapbooks for friends and there it was the niche I was looking for. I ventured into card making to make Birthday Invites & party favors. I started up with a Facebook page HappyMomentzz and showcasing my brand at different events. From Sunday Soul Santhe my journey of retail began and since then I do 2­-3 shows in various cities in a year, and then there was no turning back!

I have been crafting since I was a little girl. Sitting by my Grandmother, watching her sew and craft, it became almost natural for me to follow in her footsteps. Fascinated by the beauty of Indian sarees, I went on to design & got trained do handwork on Sarees & Dresses. Over the years I got into painting and watercolors. I tried my hand at different mediums, each one equally interesting and challenging as the other. My childhood was filled with arts & crafts and everyday was an exciting adventure of creation.

Her Inspiration:
My maternal grandma inspires me even today, the grandma patch quilts I learnt from her, to make all the flowers patiently matching colors and patches. My maternal aunt designs dresses, does embossing, engraving & embroidery on sarees and dresses.My sudha madam was my first teacher, she introduced me to the world of thread and needle, she taught me embroidery stitches, designing and my love for it just grew.My neighbour aunty who gave me an opportunity to embroidery on a sari which she sold at her boutique and strengthened my dreams.Last but not the least my mom who inspired me and supported me for everything I wanted to do and learn!! I have learnt it all from tanjore paintings, glass painting,nib paintings, ribbon work, kamal kadai n what not… I have always been surrounded by many creative housewives all my life, they inspired me and helped me build my dream stronger for being a care oriented women.
Her Most Favourites:
Now my passion are albums, mini albums and bookbinding. I love creating on the canvas, it brings out the true artist in me.

Her Style of Crafting:
I started out with Scrapbooking in 2011 and have been addicted to Layouts, layering with a sense to details .My love for papers and ephemera is very visible on my work and I have further branched out into working with dies and now stamps too! I love the fact that you can incorporate so many techniques and tips in one project. I create Cards, Alter projects and also.

Future Plans:
I have been constantly innovating to bring out new quality products, It’s what keeps me excited and motivated.In last 6 years HAPPYMOMENTZZ has successfully served more than 500 clients across India and abroad. All I can imagine doing is taking HAPPYMOMENTZZ across as far and wide.
Message for All:
Go for it !! Experience will come irrespective , it’s important to take that plunge and to be conscious of the fact that it was you who made the choice.
We hope Sharada did not miss any of the details to keep you inspired and motivated to begin with what you love doing and keep going….
You can reach out to Sharada Dilip Acharya & Happy Momentzz by Sharada Dilip for your special custom order at below link:
Happy Crafting!!
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