Tuesday, December 19, 2017

“Craft Enthusiast”- Shalini Jain

Hello Craftpreneurs, Tuesday is here again and it’s time for us to introduce you to “Craft Enthusiast of the Week…….Shalini Jain”, who since childhood loved to participate in arts and crafts competitions enjoying her skills as well as her love for crafting…She is a self learner and loves to keep exploring new things and creating uniqueness in all her products.

This is what Shalini speaks about her journey as a crafter and all it all started…..
Hi, I am Shalini, a CRM expert by profession and passionately, heartily & solely I am Crafter. For me Craft is a Real Stress Buster!! Colors & Creations are my weakness I just can’t live without them!! I am very Thankful to the god who has given me this inimitable talent…

How all it started!
I always inclined towards art and craft, since my childhood and participated in so many competitions for school, made chart papers, projects, rangoli & many more. I am a self learner & believe in learning at every stage & I keep trying to explore new techniques of craft. During my maternity leaves my hobby turned into Passion, and then i made my Facebook page which actually helped me in a lucrative way. Being in a corporate, always face lack of time so generally create my orders in late night or in weekends only… My husband is a big supporter in my so called craft journey…

Her most favorites of all:
I love recycling, clay work, altered projects and decoupage. I love to make nameplates… I enjoy spicing up ordinary things into striking art piece. I always focus on vibrancy effect on my art piece. So always try to keep my product distinctive…

Her Inspiration:
Yes! I feel like it’s in my genes because I and my younger sister are also having the same talent…. my mother used to do beautiful embroidery and home decor and we kept observing her since we were kid. That’s where I picked up inspiration to paint craft and decorate my home at an early age.

Future Plan:
I picked up art as my hobby but now I am moving to raise it to a professional level. I wish to create always unique & would love to spread more of my creativity across the globe by my venture CreaTive KalaKari!!

Message for All:
The best ingredients to make handmade crafts are lots of ideas, love, dedication & passion!!
Craft lover’s it is not just for hobby but also it’s a great sector professionally as well… So go ahead for your dreams! Keep creating new things with lots of experiments… Internet searches are the best resource of learning and creating handmade stuff… So give wings to your dreams by creating!!
We hope you liked the story of Shalini and her inspiration behind her love for crafts!!
You can reach out to Shalini and Creative Kalakari at below link:
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