Friday, December 22, 2017

Altered Home Decor Bottle by Shalini Jain

Hello Craft Lover’s,
Today I will be sharing you an simple yet beautiful tutorial to redo any empty bottle into a piece of art…unused glass bottle which has been converted into a beautiful home decor product.
I hope you love the tutorial and give it a try…do share your reviews and projects in making with us…

Material required:
#Empty Bottle
#Glass Bottle Color- Yellow,Orange, Blue and Red (you can also choose any choice of your color)
#Old Tooth Brush
#Permanent Black Marker
#Paint Brush size 0
Let’s now begin with the steps to make this home decor piece:

Step.1: Clean any glass bottle color it in yellow and orange colour smudge both the colours..

Step.2: Then do spray technique with the help of old tooth brush by red and blue colour..

Step.3: Now start to make the freehand design by using permanent black marker.. by using zero number paint brush u also can draw the outlines…

Step.4: Now next step is to fill the colours of your choice inside the outlines…
Step.5: Last but not the least… last coat do with rhe varnish which will give u glossy look into that bottle… so here is the final out come!!!

Happy Crafting!!
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