Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sabiha Khan

Hello Craftpreneurs,

Hope you find joy in getting to know such amazing crafters around you, today we have with us " Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sabiha Khan " .... always takes step forward to learning new things and trying out whatever she finds creative to learn and experiment. Her biggest source has been her mother herself a very creative person.....Let's get to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Sabiha speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….

Hello, I am Sabiha Khan. I am an Artist at heart and love to do all type of art and craft. Art was always my passion when I was a small girl. I used to take part in competitions and never ever missed any art exhibition in our city. My mother is a crafter too and she always encourages me till date. I love to experiment with new mediums and forms of art. I always try to incorporate something new in my projects, and that keeps me going.

How it’s all started? (My Crafting Journey!)

I loved to craft since childhood n never left crafting. When I was young, I loved to give handmade gifts. I love the art of stitching, Knitting, crochet and embroidery too. 

While exploring things on internet, I came to know about few beautiful paper craft like scrapbooks and new techniques in card making. 

And then began my journey into this new world of craft. I first made a scrapbook for a  baby boy in our family and then went on making more n more.

What Inspired me?

My mother is my biggest inspiration, as she is still a learner and a very good crafter at the age of 78. I also get my inspirations from nature and talented crafters of this beautiful craft community. I am always keen to try new things.

My Most Favourite Crafts of All?

My style of crafting?

Initially I started with scrapbooking and card making, but soon I was inspired to try new things and ended up doing Decoupage and Mixed Media too. My recent love is resin art, watercolour painting and alcohol inks. These I have still not mastered but working on them. My all-time favourite is paper craft and card making.

My Future Plans?

I feel its everyone’s duty to pass on their skills to others, so for my future plans I want to conduct workshops and teach people these art forms. In future I would like to learn more n more crafts.

Message for all Craft Buddies!

I would like to tell all my fellow crafters that you all are just awesome. Everyone here is doing great work. Try exploring new things and give back to this society.


A quick inspiration projects : " Altered Bottle"

I have altered an old glass bottle and a wooden box into a beautiful piece of art.

I have done the decoupage technique and then added some lacy look around the image on the bottle. For the wooden box, I decoupaged it and then applied texture paste and gave it a vintage look on the edges.

Today I am sharing a step by step tutorial with pics for the bottle.

So, Let's get started:

Step:1. First took a glass bottle and covered it with two coats of acrylic white paint.

Step:2. Took a girl print tissue paper to decoupage on the bottle.

Step:3. I measured the tissue which I wanted to use and cut it accordingly and kept it aside. 

Step:4. Coloured the bottle with light pink chalk paints leaving the middle part blank.

Step:5. Took Decoupage glue and glued the tissue on the bottle.

Step:6. Made an outline besides the image using a 3D outliner.

Step:7. Took a stencil and stencilled the floral lacy pattern around the image.

Step:8. After I was done with the stencilling, I made a beautiful outline around the stencilled image to enhance its look of my project.

Step:9. Finally after everything was properly dried, applied two coats of varnish.

Step:10. Adhered some embellishments, flowers and lace to beautify my project.

Step:11. Finally applied two to three coats of varnish to give it a finished look. And it's done.

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