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Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Archana Sehgal

Hello Craftpreneurs, 

A great morning to know about the journey of another lovely crafter...... " Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Archana Sehgal " .... turning crafts into passion as well as profession, begun her journey with painting and shifted to creating mixed media art...she truly feels great to be motivated and inspired by her loving husband to pursue the same......Let's get to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...
This is what Archana speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….

I am Archana Sehgal, Crafting is my passion and now profession as well. I am self taught artist working without boundaries of rules of art and craft. I like to do explore new ideas in fusion with new techniques. The journey of my crafting was an unfortunate instance happen in life.

I did paint on canvas when I was pursuing my master degree in computer management (MCM) which was loved by my hubby when I have shown him a glance of that painting. He got so surprised to see this painting and encouraged me to bring out the extra talent and made me explore in this field of passion.

Firstly I started with abstract painting with acrylics on canvas and then introduce to mixed media techniques and immediately fell in love with it, I also started doing mixed media with recycled things, I just love the idea of recycling, and that’s what I do in most of mixed media projects.  My suggestion to all artist is to do what you are thinking instead of what others are following.    

How it’s all started? (My Crafting Journey!)

My first craft item was my own imagination of a statue of a girl made of ceramic and m-seal. This statue of girl represents to me as a symbol of efforts and dedication in life to achieve goals with full of passion. Later I got motivate to make different kind of craft items where I make use of our old and unused house hold items. 

What Inspired me?

My inspiration about crafting is first of all social media where everyone is going and getting every type of information and then my curiosity to try my hand on new techniques. Youtube plays main role when it comes to inspiration. When I started exploring and my hubby suggested me to start my youtube channel and there I started sharing new techniques and that’s what keeps me going and stay inspired too. 

My Most Favourite Crafts of All?

My style of crafting?

My style of work is Mixed Media and specially using recycled items along with self made embellishments and store brought. I always experiment with colours and combinations of unusual items which brings beauty on canvas. 

My Future Plans?

I have several plans, which includes starting my own online workshops along with my own website, where I will share several mixed media as well as abstract paintings courses. I am also planning to schedule free live sessions on social media for the people who loves art and craft, but can’t afford or manage to visit the class-room training. 

Message for all Craft Buddies!

I would love to tell everyone that don’t limit yourself, just go with the flow. Start with whatever material you have with you and create wonders. You need not to wait or bound yourself in limits of everything available handy before you do crafting. 


A quick inspiration projects : "Mixed Media Altered Brush"

Hey Guys,  I am here to share simple and easy mixed media Altered Brush, so lets get started:

Step by Step Tutorial :

➤ I took large brush and spread texture paste on it through Expressions Craft stencil and also apply texture paste on brush handle using palate knife.

➤ Once the texture paste dries completely, I adhere some chipboard from Expressions craft again.

➤ Next I glue down come metal embellishment, some broken earring charms, deco stones and micro beads.

➤ To colour the project I used Immix Chalk paints (here chalk paint also works as a primer)

➤ To add little bit shine and pop out the dimensional part I applied Expressions Craft metallic paint using dry brush technique.

➤ I was not convinced the look I got here so I went ahead and applied white gesso at some places using dry brush technique again.

➤ And this is how I finish this project, hope you guys have enjoyed this process, do check out its making process on my YouTube channel…

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