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Craft Enthusiast: "Sampada Srivastava"

Hello Craftprenuers,
Let's make a lovely start to our new years with our very first featured crafter in the month of January, 2019...very talented, loving and inspiring crafter..."Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Sampada Srivastava"  a "coder turned crafter" says Sampada to best define her transition from then and now in past few years of her journey...based very close to us right here in Gurgaon...she runs her creative venture as "Scrapmee" .... now let’s just begin to know more about her journey, her passion, and some of her amazing projects she had worked upon!

This is what Sampada speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….

I am Sampada, an Engineer turned Crafter! Well that’s a one-liner to introduce myself but Yes, these three words define me or at least I will say my journey from being former to later. I am based in Gurgaon and have a venture with the named Scrapmee

How it's all started? (My Crafting Journey!)
I was never into Crafting to be true. I used to do sketching in my school days but had no idea back then that I also have a creative insight. I was a very bright student and ambitious towards my career, I worked 3 years in IBM but concurrently I also realised that this is something I am not made to do. This is not my place!
Once I came across a craft blog and I was so amazed to see some beautiful projects. The curiosity took me into R&D and I found out how vast this field is.
There are thousands of products, some very talented crafters and never-ending craft ideas and that’s where it started.
And then I remember I bumped into a Craft store and I saw so many craft supply and thought of giving it a try. I knew deep inside that I can’t sit in office and code all the time. This thought was steadily building up my passion for craft and somewhere I knew in my heart that this is what I want and I jumped into crafting in 2016.

What Inspired me?

If you ask about my inspiration then it is hard to know exactly…For me Inspiration is something that can come from anywhere. It can be anything, any person, and most importantly the necessity. Having a need for something or having to find a solution to fill that need also inspires me. Sometimes the creative thoughts comes from within, and trust me sometimes they just don’t come…You will sit with your craft supplies in front and you will keep sitting for hours creating nothing. It happens to me and I am sure it happens to many of you. Sometimes I just step away and chill. I also take help from Pinterest, it often gives me the base of my idea to build upon. There is so much out there you can take inspirations from.

My Most Favourite Crafts of All?

I have made more than 150 projects so far and most of them are my favourites as I put a lot of hard work and love in my projects but here are some of my most favourite of all. 

My style of crafting?

I do not have any fixed style but Scrapbooking is very close to my heart. I keep on trying to create something unique and better each time.
I try to learn every-day and implement it in my work and it defines my style of work.

My Future Plans?

Me and Scrapmee has a long way to go and along the way I want to inspire creative people, aspiring crafters and of course my clients. I want to do more and more workshops in India and around the world.

Message for all Crafters!

Everything comes with love, the passion and lots of practice and patience! Try it!
Express yourself with your Crafting. Don’t copy other’s work, it’s never going to help. It’s not important that you make the perfect piece all the time. What important is that you are giving your own self in making that Art and then you will feel the sense of fulfilment. I believe that crafting is boundless so just do what you love to do. Don’t get disappoint with your failures, it is something you will always learn from.

Here's some more lovely projects done by Sampada:

You can reach out to "Sampada Srivastava" and "Scrapmee" on below social media platforms:


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