Saturday, September 1, 2018

"Secret Garden" Shadow Box Layout by Semonti Roy

Hello Friends,
I am here on Prika’s Blog with a little inspiration for you all. It’s a shadow frame which I altered and turned it into a garden. I name it as "Secret Garden"

Here I have take an already primed shadow frame so will apply texture on it directly. For texture I have used modelling paste, mixed with texture sand and apply it with brick stencil on inside outside and two sides of the frame. I have also used texture paste with stone stencil on inside base and outsides  for stone or gravel look. Used some chipboard pieces inside the box as a brick for 3D appearance.

Now I’m making some pieces with cardboard, air-dry clay, twig, thermocol and wire to cover them with white and black gesso and further coloured them with acrylic and chalk paints.

Now I have covered the entire frame with black gesso and coloured it with chalk paints and acrylic paints. I have also made the tree branches with clay on the sides of the box and a shade with corrugated cards for clay tile look.

Now its time for assembling the small pieces which I made earlier. Firstly I put the inside pieces and add some moss here and there for natural look. Then I add two cardboard pieces besides of the big stairs for extended the garden area. I add thermocol pieces as a stones
I have added rest off the pieces to create my garden. I have used moss, die cut leaves, foliage, saw dust to create different type of things and texture. Used texture embossing paste and pollens for flowers.
Here is my secret garden.

Lastly I add a light for night time.

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Semonti Roy

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