Monday, September 10, 2018

Crafty Designer (Sept 2018-Feb 2019) : Atiya Zubair

Hello Creative Crafter's,
I am Atiya Zubair Shaikh, I am 25 years old who has just completed her Masters in Design Management from Turkey. It is a field that is fairly new that teaches you how to implement the design in business and vice versa. I started with an Online Crafting Store in 2011. It was a year when I started with my Bachelors of Software Engineering. I was quite off and on with my work as I was studying all along. Then in 2016 I went for my Masters and took a break from crafting until January 2018. As I am back I resumed my work. This may be the reason why my social media wasn’t active in between months.

Personal Style: I would describe my style as a ‘little bit of everything’. Some of the projects have a touch of Mixed Media and Stamping. I enjoy making mini albums. I have recently started with scrapbooking layouts and planners as well. Previously I have also tried my hands on digital stamps as well. I am open to options as I love to try!
Some of my creative projects done before:

You can know more about me at below links:

Hope to see your all getting inspired from Ann's upcoming inspiration projects. 

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