Friday, August 17, 2018

DIY shadow boxes by Anila Dikay

Hello friends!
I am back today on Prika's blog with a very interesting project.
Don’t we all love shadow boxes…? These can be made in various themes and for many occasions. Shadow boxes are the trend these days.
I make lot of shadow boxes into different themes and let me tell you they were super hit!

Today I will be showing you how to make these shadow boxes using a sheet of cardstock/Paper and a scoreboard all by yourself.
Isn’t it exciting..? So let’s get on with it without wasting further time.
Step.1: Take an A4 sized white cardstock and a scoreboard.

Step.2: Score it 4 times at an interval of 1/2" from all the sides.

Step.3: Out of the 16 scored squares at each corner leave one and cut off all the remaining squares. The Picture will help you understand better.
Repeat the process to all the corners.
This is how you have the trimmed card stock.

Step.4: Now starting with the longer side, roll up the folds and fold in the scored area and stick to the base to form the wall. Repeat to the other side.
Step.5: Now on the shorter side, you need to trim the first to panels straight in line with the folded wall. Cut the third panel diagonally.

Step.6: Now apply glue to the loose square, tuck it in the gap of the longer wall. Apply glue to the tiny triangular part and the tuck in the entire side by sticking it to the base.

Repeat the same to the other side.
Your structure of the box is ready.

I have a video showing the above process step-by-step. You can watch the same as well to create this shadow box on your own...

I have made a few shadow boxes to show you all:
Mini Shadowbox
I made this box using an 8"x 8" card stock. Once the box was ready, I used Chalk paint to colour it. Created the background using distress oxides and adhered it to the box. Fussy cut some succulents and a sentiment from the 12" x 12" Succulents paper pack and adhered them to the box. Lastly, place handmade succulents from the Succulent Shelf colour pack.
Baby Shadowbox
Made this using a 12"x12" card stock.
Embellished with Baby boy wishes sticker pack.
Picture courtesy — Pixabay
Friends shadowbox
Made this using a 12"x12" card stock. Embellished with lots of flowers from the floral collection. Picture courtesy — Pixabay
Sentiment courtesy — Google
That’s all from my end today!!
Hope you enjoyed making these shadow boxes.
Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. I would love to read them out.
Happy Crafting!!
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