Friday, August 24, 2018

Altered Book Box with a Mini Journal/Album by Arpita Tornal

Hello Crafty Friends,
It’s me Arpita again on Prika's blog today sharing a cute little project,actually there is a 2 in 1 project. A altered book style box and a accordin style mini journal/album,yes tried making a little accordin style mini journal book/album.Album making is very new to me and its my first was, enjoyed making it.

Materials used :
# MDF Book Style Box
 # Pattern Paper
# Chipboard Embelishment used inside of the box all from The Element Craft Studio
# Flowers
# jute coils
# rest of the embelishments from my stash.
Tutorial for the Altered Box:
Step:1. First I started with the binding part,wanted to give it a faux leather look..for that i first tore a tissue into small bits and started to adhere them randomly on to the surface,did two layers of the same process as only one layer had not given as much texture i wanted.
Step:2. To paint this i tried to take the colours complementing the colour of the paper i was using.i choose sap green,yellow ochre,pink and brown.I diluted these paints with water and stareted applying them each color at a time and letting them dry between each coat.painted till i was satisfied with the colour.
Step:3. Wanted the side to look like pages,so i painted the base with brown once dried added a thick coat of gesso and as it was still wet took a comb to draw lines through it.
Step:4. Now stuck the pattern paper,embelished them and i was done with the book box.And yes dont forget to varnish the inside of the box once u have painted it.
Tutorial for Accordion Style Mini Album/Journal:
Before starting with the steps of making I would like to mention that I have not made use of any score board or trimmers...all has been doing with scissors and paper cutter. So if you have been holding yourself back just coz you dont have these tools...I don't thing u need them anymore...
Lets begin with the steps of making:
Step:1. As i wanted this to fit in my book box,took measurements suiting the box.
Step:2. The album measures 4'’ * 3'’. Fistly i cut a white cardstock 9'’ * 4'’ strip,cut 3 strips with the same measurement.
Step:3. At every 3'’ made a fold for all the 3 strips and stuck them together.the last fold of the first strip overlaps the 1st fold of the 2nd strip.
Step:4. Cut the pattern papers a quater inch smaller and stuck them on the raw album base.Also added some corner inserts and pockets.
Step:5. Added a long piece of lace trim on the top which acts as a closure and i wa done.
Here's some close look of the complete project:

ThankYou for stopping by…
Arpita Tornal

Happy Crafting!!
Keep following Prika for more amazing Craft Inspiration!!


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