Friday, July 13, 2018

Pearly Pink Lamp by Gulreet Kaur

Hello All,
I am here again on Prika's Blog with an amazing friday inspiration for you all....a tutorial of making a Lamp using old bottle and lots of creativity.

Supplies Used:
# Empty Glass bottle
# Stamperia Rice paper
# Plain white rice paper
# Itsy Bitsy Decoupage Glue
# Glass Bead paste from Itsy Bitsy
# Stencil from Kraftily Konnect
# White and pink pearls
# Flowers from Itsy Bitsy
Step.1: Clean by Glass bottle properly and dry. Tear out the motif you want from the rice paper and glue it on the bottle with the decoupage glue. Apply one more coat on top of the rice paper.

Step.2: Tear out plain white rice paper and glue onto the bottle. Tear the rice paper in one piece till the neck of the bottle and then tear out smaller pieces and glue onto the neck. Coat with Decoupage glue and dry.

Step.3: Place the stencil on the side wall of the bottle and with Itsy Bitsy Glass bead paste coat the stencil on both the sides. Also apply the glass bead paste on the front along the border of the bottle. Dry completely.

Step.4: With Itsy Bitsy Rose gold splash highlight the bead paste stencil area. Also lightly sponge the neck of the bottle with gold alcohol splash as shown in the picture.

Step.5: Use Silicon glue with a stencil on the front and then coat with small micro pearls in front.

Step.6: Varnish the bottle with with Decoupage varnish
Step.7: Apply alternate strings of white and pink pearls on the neck of the bottle. Decorate with flowers and other embellishments.

I hope you all love it, do share your reviews and share if you like it!


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