Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Craft Enthusiast-”Lavleen Gogia”

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Once again we have another Tuesday morning, with another crafter in limelight...…..Craft Enthusiast of the Week….."Lavleen Gogia”….who hails from Panipat and currently settled in Rohtak after marriage. Lavleen got to try her hands on quilling as her first ever craft project during her college days.….Let’s know more about her journey of being a craftprenuer, her passion, and some of her amazing projects she had worked upon.

This is what Lavleen speaks about her journey as a crafter and her story of being a craftpreneur….
This is Lavleen, basically from panipat but married in Rohtak. I did my B.tech in IT as well as M.tech. Since childhood, I was always attracted to art and craft work. I used to do best out of waste, pot making and glass painting. 

First Step to Crafting:
In my college days one of my friend pursued crafting and showed me her quilling work. I was very amazed and attracted to try it once..I just began from that moment and really enjoyed and such relaxed feeling was there. 
Her Inspiration:
Work of my fellow crafters always inspire me, my passion for crafting keeps pushing me to always find time for crafting.

Her Most Favourite: 
I like all things related to craft but my all time favourite is scrapbooking.
Her Style of Crafting: 
Quilling was the first thing to began but now I am too much involved in doing scrapbooks and keep trying to add newer style and variations to it. 

Future Plans: 
Its a dream to have my own craft studio in my city where I could offer workshops for others to learn and pursue crafting. 
Message for All:
Be yourself as inspiration comes from within you...

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