Monday, July 2, 2018

Flower Bouquet of Sholawood by Rituparna

Its a beauty of my City and its all around the world famous work.Today i make a beautiful sholawood flower bouquet wall hanging.
Supplies Used: 
# Sholawood roll
# Scissor
# Pencil
# Glue
# Itsybitsy onestep crackle medium
# Handmade leaves
# Fevicryl black and orange color
# MDF board
# Camel drawing coloring ink
# Papericious crystal clear
# White lace.
Step 1: Sholawood comes in a white roll,very delicate.From this roll I cut some square pieces.On this pieces give some impression of flower petals,leaves with blunt pencil(otherwise it may get torn or scratched).After cutting all petals and leaves with scissor with very soft hand.

Step 2: Then we taking bowl of water since sholawood is very crisp and deliacate paper so wont be able to take impression in proper way. For that take some water on your fingertips and touch on the every petals and leaves everytime when ever you want to make some shapes.

Step 3: After adding water it's quite wet for shaping as per your choice, here for petals I used pencil to roll the petals and hold some time for proper shape. Making Flowers just take a small round piece of sholawood, attached with glue the petals around the round piece.Here I made 6 to 8 double layered flowers and single layer flowers.For leaves you will make two different design or single.

Step 4: For MDF board you can choose any size, I wanted a big wall hanging for my home decor. First you will paint with fevicryl black paint with two coats, after drying you apply one step crackle medium and Fevicryl orange color should be done till it is wet(you can use any color asper your choice.Then you will get your perfect cracke effect.(sorry here I forgot to capture the pics )but i think everybody know the crackle medium use.

Step 5: After drying crackle medium and color, I adhered all flowers, leaves as my choice with glue. Some piece of sholawood strips giving shape like twigs and some tiny piece of petals attached on the stripes also. Taking some sholawood pieces to making soft with water and gives a shape of ball and add centres of the flowers. After I added bit of camel drawing orange ink and sprinkle the crystal clear.Then i took a piece of jute burlap, giving it a shape like pot, fill it with cotton for dimension and attached below the whole flower bunches. I added some readymade leaves twigs on the burlap and designed with white lace.

Hope enjoy my work and like it….. do share your views on the project and leave some love for the project if you really liked it....

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