Thursday, April 12, 2018

Altered Sunglass by Pallavi Jain

Hello Crafty Friends,
Myself Pallavi and this project is my entry for PRIKA All About Crafts — Blog, as per theme of current challenge, I decided to make something from old, unused, broken sunglasses.
Please go through images and description below to enjoy the journey of turning this broken sunglass into a beautiful mix media project.

Supplies Used:
# Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1 Modelling paste.
# Tim Holtz Sunrays Stencils.
# Little Birdie Acrylic Gel Medium.
# Chipboards.
# Metal Emblishments.
# Little Birdie Mettalic Paints (Caribbean Teal,Fire Brick & Silver Charms)
# Little Birdie Acrylic Soft Gel medium.
# Fussy Cut Images.
# Art Stones.
# Homemade Gesso.
Let’s begin with steps of making:
Step.1: I applied Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1 Modelling paste on the sides of the sunglasses. I further applied black Gesso on it.

Step.2: Then, I applied textured paint on to a side of sunglass with sunrays stencil. On the other side of the frame, I applied black Gesso on the glasses to give it a beautiful textured style.

Step.3: I further applied colors on both sides of the glasses aiming for a sunrise and sunset setting.

Step.4: I applied Little Birdie Gel medium to paste fine stones ( to accentuate Gesso effect) and paste chip boards on both the sides of the frame. I also pasted fussy cuts of birds and butterflies on the sunglasses to give beautiful effects.

Step.5: I further pasted metal embellishments on the sides as well as on the frame to give final touch to the project. Moreover, I used Little Birdie Mettalic paints ( Caribbean Teal, Fire Brick & Silver Charms) to highlight the effects.

Step.6: Final effects to give it a starry feel, sprinkled mixture of Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1 Gesso and Water on the project with the help of round brush. Also, applied Little Birdie Acrylic Soft Gel medium to give final glossy overlay to this project.

This is the done and it looks really really pretty. Hope you like it.

Happy Crafting!!
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