Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mixed Media Altered Bottle + Video by CI Archana Sehgal

Hello everyone,

This is Archana here, Today I am going to share simple and easy mixed media altered bottle but before let's have a look on supplies.

List of Supplies:

Old Bottle
Tissue paper
Dilute PVA glue (Dilute glue with water in 2:1 ratio) 
Paper clay or any clay which is available with you
Texture paste
Immix Sprinkle Glitz
Immix Sprinkle mist
White gesso

To start with first I adhere tissue paper on the bottle using diluted PVA glue, next I have took casting from mould and place it on the bottle, To add more texture I have mixed texture paste and sprinkle glitz all together and applied that mixture onto the bottle..

Once everything dries completely I prime entire bottle using white gesso and coloured it using Immix Sprinkle mist, To enhance the texture I applied white gesso using dry brush technique, here are few more pictures of this bottle

You can watch its making process on our Youtube Channel 

That's it from my end today, Hope you guys liked it, I will be back with another project soon till then
Bye-Bye, Take care and Happy creating..

Archana Sehgal

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