Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Monochrome Mixed Media Box + Video by CI Kirti Gupta

Hola, Crafty people
Welcome to the new Craft Challenge at Prika. It's me, Kirti Gupta, from Kirti's Kraft Kastle

Did you see the wonderful Blog Challenge banner? 
Such a beautiful Image. Just pick your favourite colour and "Go Monochrome". We have to work with shades of the same colour along with Black-white neutral. 

Blue is my favourite colour and doesn't need any more inspiration to play with it when I had to play all with all blue. Here is my take on Monochrome mixed media. 

Isn't mixed media equal to magic? an old lifeless box got transformed into a fresh new gift box!
That's why they say, creativity is way of life. because, we can add our crafty to touch to anything to everything making it new, shiny, sparkling giving it one more chance to Live.

Some more captured details

If this thing interests you, I have made a Process Video for you, List of materials used and the stepwise procedure is mentioned in the video.

Thank you so much for stopping by,
Keep crafting with tones of your favourite colour & "Go Monochrome"

See you next time, Until then, Keep Crafting!

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