Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Live free- Nameplate by CI Kirti Gupta (Tips to game up level of customisation)

Hello Guys,
How are you all Doing?
I am back here with another Inspiration Project for Prika and this time I am up with something new in the content.

I am sharing my recent creation a name plate here. Let me tell you something, I still have a hangover of Fall theme and though the challenge is over, I have used the colour palette of fall for my name plate..

So before coming to the inspiration for this creation, I would like to share with you that i am often asked this question by many people how can you think something so out of the box for ideas for your nameplates. So, here is the story.. I listen to my clients description and list out what are his/her priorities and then, build up my theme around that particular point. and that's what make it much more relatable for client and help me create something that is exclusively designed for my clients.

So, coming to my creation, I had to design this nameplate for an elderly couple, who had been an epitome living life king size. So, that became my inspiration and as you can see, the composition of elements here depicts royalty.. The crown, The pillar, the key are arranged around is manner where I can feel the connect to the 'King'

Apart from this the colour theme is inspired from Fall palette and The black butterflies with touch of antique gold and bit little random stencilling and a decoupaged corner has added the right touch of what I wanted to denote through nameplate. similarly, I tend to design everything by deriving some inspiration for my thoughts.

That really feeds my creativity to a great extent.

I am sharing an additional collage of nameplates I have created in past and I can proudly share my inspiration story behind each of my creation. do share with us how do you tend to thing creatively for your creations. If not, hope this blog post inspires you to think creatively and how to derive an inspiration.

Let me know how do you like it..
Keep crafting and keep posting us
Kirti Gupta

Happy Crafting!!

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