Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Roshni Gupta + Decoupage Coasters Tutorial

Hello Craftpreneur's,

Hope you all are prepped up for your Raksha Bhandhan celebrations. and with all this preparations we keep bringing you stories of inspiring and endeavouring crafters around us today we have with us...." Craft Enthusiast of the Week : Roshni Gupta"... who was always found herself inclined towards crafting since childhood and pursued more strongly during her college days, being a designer to so many brands in past, find true joy in creating beautiful things....Let's get to know more about the crafting journey of our featured crafter for the day...

This is what Roshni speaks about their journey, some of their favourite projects done in past...and about their creative journey together...

Hey Crafty Peeps, 

I was was always inclined towards art. Even as I kid I had won many drawing competitions and crafting was my best hobby. My room was always in a beautiful mess with coloured paper and paint and glitter everywhere, but I started crafting professionally 6 yrs back.

How it’s all started? (My crafting Journey)

I wanted to join fine arts or any other creative field but did LLB as a backup option. I started crafting professionally when I was in collage. 

My first online workshop was a flower making workshop I conducted approximately 5 yrs back. Since then it was never looking back. I have given multiple craft workshop on different subjects online as well as in Kolkata , from resin, fusion tray, decoupage, soap making, scrapbooking, miniature, mix media and 3D structure. 

After collage my friends use to hang out in different places but for me I got the happiness by crafting. So I used to wait for my college to get over so that I could go back to my crafty then. 

A year after that I got an opportunity to be a design team member for LULUPU and that was my first DT ever. Post that I have worked with Bob n Betty , Madras Bazaar , Expressions Crafts. 

For a year I had also launched my own website Nirocraft.com but due to excess order I was unable to handle it single handily and selling things didn’t give me the joy I got from crafting. I have always been one woman army with little assistance from my then boyfriend now husband J

What Inspired Me?

I think the best encyclopedia for all crafters is Pinterest. I love trying new art forms. And the best part of art is it has so many mediums and a great history, every state has a traditional art form,  and that is what I am next looking forward at exploring. Apart from that there are some traditional art forms and modern art forms. I just want to explore and learn each n every art form that interests me. The limit is endless.

My most favourite crafts of all?

Its really hard to choose favourites. Because anything that I make I put my heart n soul and time into it and even if it doesn’t turn out good it still has a part of me in it. Currently I am obsessed with resin. I love experimenting and exploring different techniques to use it.

My style of crafting?

I don’t like being confined and thus this field interests me so much. But in case of styles I love shabby chic and vintage style. I also love really bright and colourful style but I am never able to compose one as I always feel that it is too much or I am doing excess.

My Future Plans?

My future plan is to explore on different Indian art forms. I have never tried it but Indian had a rich history in art and culture would love to learn different forms of traditional art forms . I would also like to improve my painting skills and join some fine art classes

Message for all Craft Buddies?

Art is a blessing for us. For me it’s the most comforting thing. Everyone has a different style and different way of expressing it. Never compare your projects with others. This is one thing my mom taught me that is try to be a better version of you. When every I got my report card my mom just did one thing she compared it with my previous term marks. She never cared if I stood first third tenth or last in school all that made her happy was if my performance had improved. So just concentrate on yourself and on your work. Experiment and try something new whenever you get an opportunity. 


A Quick Inspiration : “ Decoupage Coasters " 

Let's begin making a quick inspiration project, Decoupage Coasters...you will just love the outcome... 

Things you will need- you will need thread/cord preferably cotton,  MDF base, decoupage tissue, decoupage glue and glitter 

Step:1. Start wrapping the cord on the coaster starting from the edge working inwards . You can use any glue for this step. I have used expressions craft gel medium.

Step:2. When you are done completely covering the coaster with the cord now apply decoupage glue on top. Here again I have used gel medium. Remember to apply a thin even coat

Step:3. Remove the two ply from the decoupage tissue and cut it to approx. size

Step:4. Carefully place the tissue on top and using a sponge or a cling wrap very careful start pressing the tissue down, starting from the centre and working outwards.

Step:5. Apply another thin layer of glue on top and sprinkle your glitter on  top here I have used twinkle diamond. Dust off the excess glitter and your project will be ready.....

You can reach out to “Roshni Gupta” & " Something Creative Today" on below social media platforms: 


    1. Wonderful projects Roshni 😊 Congrats on getting featured!

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