Friday, May 3, 2019

Superstar Sponsor 11 - A1 Crafts

Hey Creative Friends, 

We have been taking time to talk about our lovely sponsors for "The Crafty Superstar-2019" and each day talking about the wonderful people behind the brands, inspiration to begin and know more about we have with us our Superstar Sponsor.... A1 Craft.....started in mumbai by Dr. Neha Shah and her husband Mr.Vikram Shah. At present she is running the company solo taking care of all the everyday operations and management of the stores. 

Here's Neha Shah sharing some words about A1 Craft and her journey till now ....

Nothing can better summarise my journey than the Walt Disney’s famous quote “All dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. 

A journey which had its seeds planted in my subconscious during my super hectic medical years. Yes, I am a qualified doctor by education and profession (though a part time, currently). Crafting was my only escape from the reality, where I was able to express myself so freely and happily. The joy it brought was immeasurable! During this time, the supplies in Indian crafting scenario were limited and it was both difficult and expensive to get foreign brands which would upset me. 

With the intention to help and encourage fellow crafters and artists, I took the plunge and started a small home setup by name A1 Crafts. This was 2011. Fast forward 2019, here we are with a proper brick and mortar setup in not just one but two cities, Mumbai and Pune. This wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal customer base who believe in our quality and reliability. And we will continue to grow with all love and affection from wonderful crafters all over India.

Some of the core products offered by the brand is Jewellery Making Material, Paper crafts Products- Stamps, Pattern Papers, Ink pads, Metal Charms, Decoupage Products- Tissues, MDF Bases, Glue and much more.....

To know more about A1 Craft follow below link:


A1 Craft will be sponsoring Two Indian Participant Craft Goodies worth Rs.1000/- each to be redeemed in store against purchase.

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. I've had great shopping experiences with A1 Craft! So many products! :) Thank you for being a sponsor Neha :)