Sunday, May 5, 2019

Glass Plate Decor by Guest Designer Arpita Tornal

Hi Everyone

Arpita here, very excited to be Guest Designing at Prika blog.This is a special month at Prika as they completed 2 years, so firstly wishing them a very Happy Birthday and wishing you lots of success.

This month theme for the Challenge is 'Anything Goes' for ongoing event "The Crafty Superstar-2019"  and as I love Decoupage I decided to share a decoupage project with you all.

List of Supplies Used:

➤ Glass Plate
➤ Rice paper
➤ Mod Podge
➤  2 Step Crackle Medium from Little Birdie
➤ Art Alchemy Wax (vintage Gold)
➤ Acrylic Paint
➤  Aquador Varnish

Brief Tutorial

Today will be doing Reverse Decoupage on a glass plate.As the name suggests in reverse decoupage you will be doing all the steps in reverse.

Step 1: Remember to clean your glass plate before you begin working on it and choose a print you want to work with. I choose to use this beautiful rice paper.

Step 2: Tear the edges of the rice paper with your hand so you don't have that straight edge and its easy to blend with the background.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of mod podge and stick your paper. And remember your picture should be reverse.

Step 4: Apply a top coat of mod podge.

Step 5: I choose to use the 2 step crackle medium.Applied the crackle medium randomly.

*How to use Crackle Medium

2 step crackle medium comes with a base coat and a top coat.As the name suggest apply the base coat and let it dry completely and once dried apply the top coat for cracks to form.

To highlight the cracks you can use oil paints or wax like I have used.

Step 6: Use your choice of paints to blend the picture with the background.Once your paint is dried seal it with 1 or 2 coats of varnish.

Our Glass Plate home decor is ready to flaunt...


Happy Crafting!!

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