Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Craft Enthusiast: "Aditya Khaitan"

Hello Craftpreneurs,
Let's begin with another exciting month which is also going to be the beginning of so many festivities for the year..along with some chilling winter breeze...and another featured crafter with us...Today we have  a journey to share, the very first male crafter pursuing crafting as passion... "Craft Enthusiast of the Week….. Aditya Khaitan " hailing from the city of albelo Rajasthan, this one man is totally rocking the creativity in himself......Let’s know more about his journey of being an craftpreneur, his passion, and some of his amazing projects he had worked upon.
This is what Aditya speaks about his journey as a crafter and his story of being a craftpreneur….
Hello Everyone !
I’m Aditya, belonging to a small city of Rajasthan called Sri Ganganagar close to border. I have been performing several roles in this one life, firstly by helping my dad in his business in day time and then finding some time in night to enjoy my company with crafting, and furthermore I am busy managing my own event company, so another role to fulfil my creative zeal.
If I tell u about my aspiration, I always wanted to be a Interior Designer or Fashion Designer but somehow my fate got me into business studies and further pursued a diploma program in Indian Institute of Craft and Design…this is the point where my goals took a turn and totally changed my prospective about handicraft industry…inspired by then I started a small cluster in pondicherry to upcycle newspaper into beautiful stuff but had to listen back to my homecalling.

How it's all started? (My Crafting Journey!)
I used to enjoy gifting handmade cards to my friends n teachers….somehow their it started …I still remember my very first year of college and one of professor encouraged me to display my handmade cards in exhibition and i got an amazing response to create more…since then my entrepreneurial journey as a “Crafter in Campus” started exploring myself with quilling art which was totally new at that time…and guess what my family had no idea about this creative business of mine till I was in college.

What Inspired Me?
To me, Nature around us is full of immense inspiration…and i get inspired yo add lots of flowers, trees, scenic beauty in my crafting…and not to forget post cards.
This quote really inspires me –
“you are not define by what you create , but what u refuse to destroy”
My Most Favourite Crafts of All?
Its very difficult to choose one if my favourite but…… my recent project “live and fly” is definately one of my current favorite. Because it resembles my story, my journey, my emotions…2017–18 been a little difficult year for me and having this creative brain has let me come back to life from all odds…

This projects speaks about “ Nothing is stable, after every dark night there will be Sunshine”
My Style of Crafting?
I’m more into mix media style of art nowadays … followed by rustic backgrounds with colourful layering…just love it.
My Future Plan?
I’m soon implementing my this passion into event designing and customized invites for different businesses….hope thats come to be my distinct creations.

Message for All!
You don’t have to look for expensive craft supplies to every time to create any project , look around u will find many similar yet useful stuff for crafting…. create your own style rather following any other crafter , its good to get inspire but coping is not a good idea…

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  1. Absolutely amazing creations. It was a great pleasure to know about you. :)

  2. Great to see a guy getting into crafting and it's amazing to see your work. Congratulations and keep rocking

  3. Great..very good feeling to see you Aditya .
    As a boy is taking interest in craft.
    Lovely work Aditya Khaitan